Before Gerard Argent Returns To 'Teen Wolf' Season 5, Catch Up On His Villainous Beacon Hills Past

In addition to being a supernatural horror series about a teenaged werewolf and the many creatures he fights, MTV's Teen Wolf has always heavily focused on the theme of family. Scott McCall and his mother, Melissa; Stiles Stilinski and his father, the Sheriff; and the Argent family (before they were killed or left town) are all major characters on the show. But since the Argents have been away for a while now, and the Season 5B trailer shows a big return, it's time for a refresher. So, what is Gerard Argent's history on Teen Wolf and what terror did he bring to Beacon Hills?

Season 1 introduced the werewolf hunting Argent family — then comprised of teenaged daughter Allison, her father Chris, mother Victoria, and aunt Kate — who played a major role in Scott's fight against the Alpha werewolf plaguing Beacon Hills. As Allison and Scott's romantic relationship developed, the fact that she was from a family of werewolf hunters and he was a werewolf became a pivotal dramatic point of the season (it was a serious Romeo and Juliet, star-crossed lovers situation). But, as if that wasn't bad enough, Season 2 introduced Allison's ruthless grandfather to the mix, and he became one of the show's most sinister villains. So now that he's back, let's go over some of his villainous history.

The Argent Patriarch

Gerard arrives in Beacon Hills for Kate's funeral in Season 2 and he quickly makes it clear that his version of the family business involves a lot of dead werewolves. Two of his most ruthless moments are when he stabs Scott in the stomach (knowing full well he's a werewolf and can heal) and threatens to do the same to his mother; the other is his part in convincing Chris to kill Victoria after she's been bitten by an alpha werewolf — since her being dead is better than her turning into a werewolf, yikes! But this is just Gerard getting started.

Controlling The Kanima

Despite his violent hatred of werewolves and the threat they pose to humans, Gerard murders the human master of the Kanima in order to take over control of the supernatural lizard monster. So he betrays the Argent family code and all the morals he claimed to stand for, and for what?

His Illness

It's revealed later in Season 2 that Gerard's control of the Kanima was part of his master plan to cure the cancer that was killing him. How was he going to cure his cancer? Oh, you know, just by again betraying his own code and forcing an alpha werewolf to bite him and thereby eradicating the cancer. Fortunately, Scott is way ahead of Gerard and had been secretly dosing him with Mountain Ash so that the bite was unable to transform Gerard, leaving him with black ooze dripping from his eyes and nose. (Gross, but probably deserving.)

History With Deucalion


Gerard makes a few brief reappearances in Season 3 to provide some insight on the year's big bad, the self-proclaimed Demon Wolf. Gerard met Deucalion 10 years previously when the werewolf attempted to broker peace between his pack and the hunters, but Gerard betrayed him and ended up blinding Deucalion. Though Gerard in the past was much like the version of the character that first appeared in Season 2, the present-day eldest Argent was still sick with some combination of cancer and Mountain Ash ooze.

Return To Beacon Hills

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That brings us up to the present, when Chris Argent returns to Beacon Hills, and Gerard to the scene of his former misdeeds, in order to help fight The Beast.

I don't know where Gerard's path will lead him in Teen Wolf Season 5B, whether it will be to his redemption or another turn as a villain, but if I know the Argent family, it's definitely going to be dramatic.

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