'The Forest' Star Taylor Kinney Talks Being Trapped In The Desert — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Lest you forget, actor Taylor Kinney has his own career outside of being Lady Gaga’s hunky fiancé. Though their love story is dreamy and his support of her career and social advocacy incredibly admirable, Kinney has an admirable acting career of his own; aside from starring in NBC’s Chicago Fire, the actor appeared in Kathryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, and he hits the big screen again this Friday, Jan. 8, in the horror film The Forest, co-starring alongside Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer.

The film, directed by Jason Zada, follows an American woman named Sara who journeys to the infamous Aokigahara forest, also known as “the suicide forest,” in Japan in search of her troubled twin sister. Located near the base of Mount Fuji, the forest’s association with death has made it a cultural symbol for Japan’s strong belief in the paranormal world. Throughout recent decades, The Aokigahara has become a place where people go to take their own lives, and the spirits of those suicides are said to haunt those who dare to visit. In the movie, Kinney plays a travel journalist named Aiden who agrees to help Sara through the creepy woods in exchange for her story.

The actor, who grew up with three brothers, knows all about scaring and being scared. He revealed during a recent chat that he and his siblings would mess with one another after watching classic horror films like The Shining, Halloween, or The Amityville Horror. “I like the thrillers more than the gory, blood curdle screaming ones,” he says in the video clip below. But he even had a bit of a scare himself as an adult when he found himself stranded while shooting Zero Dark Thirty. Watch below for more.