Kendall Jenner's New 'Do Might Be Temporary

We are not even a week into 2016 and already a celebrity is shocking us with a major makeover. Kendall Jenner debuted short hair in her latest magazine shoot, and the new look is drastically different than her usual luscious long locks. What brought about this dramatic hair change-up? Perhaps she just felt like shaking things up for the new year? We may never know, but she looks totally unrecognizable.

The playful, tongue-in-cheek editorial features the model posing in various brightly-colored threads and silly props such as bunny ears and a crown, but it's her super short tresses that are garnering all the buzz. The 20-year-old sports a shaggy jet-black bob with lots of choppy layers that hit right below her cheek bones. She also dons blunt fringe-like bangs that softly grace her lash line.

After doing a double take and finally accepting that this was indeed Jenner, I am still left wondering — is Jenner's short hair real or fake?

Given her history for hairstyle variations, I am inclined to believe that she is in fact wearing a wig, but you can never be too sure.

Maybe the mag spread inspired her to actually go for the real thing?

Im still not convinced and am totally sticking to my wig theory. Why? because Jenner is a model, and a model's physical appearance is often altered to fit different themes for magazine shoots. Remember the blonde wig she rocked for the Fendi campaign?

The final piece of evidence can be found on Kendall's Instagram. The model posted a video with sister Kylie one day ago in which she sports her usual long hair, so there is no way her short bob in Vogue Brazil could be real.