5 Promises To Make To Yourself In 2016

New year's resolutions are good in theory. However, because they're often hard to stick with, I suggest brainstorming promises to make to yourself instead of resolutions this year. Yes, promises. What's the difference? Well, I like to think of it as helping yourself be a better person versus telling yourself what you're doing wrong and how to fix it. So really, it's more focused on self-love. And we all know that's never a bad thing.

These promises are meant to uplift your spirit, and keep you thriving in 2016. They are not meant to make you feel bad about yourself, or feel downcast if you don't keep to them all the time. Quite to the contrary, these promises are tools you can use no matter what you're going through.

Life is a wild ride. Just look at the things that have happened over the past 12 months, and you'll probably realize that most of them were unexpected and unplanned. You certainly have the ability to make choices and give your life direction, but life also has the power to change the outcomes of your choices, and the direction of your plans.

My advice? Embrace the good. There's always good to be found in every situation, no matter how devastating it may seem at the time. Look for the good. Be the good. Love your life.

1. Always remain hopeful.

Hope is a remarkable thing. Even without assurance or any sort of proof, it can still exist, and that, my friends, is something worth holding on to. Life is filled with ups and downs, and so often when we're down, we desperately need hope to lift us back up. Don't let go of it. It is literally a life-saver.

2. Learn to let things go.

While you want to always hold onto hope, there are definitely a lot of other things that you need to learn to let go of. Like, a lot. You cannot change your past — all you can do is learn from it. That being said, learn from it, and then move on. Don't hold onto past mistakes and guilt yourself continually for them. It doesn't get you anywhere.

3. Balance your time between your friends and yourself.

If you're introverted, work your hardest not to isolate yourself this year. If you're an extrovert, don't base your happiness solely on spending time with others. Find the perfect balance... or at least try to. It's never good to become too dependent on one extreme.

4. Try to see the world from other peoples' eyes.

How many of the world's problems would be solved if we could only see things from someone else's point of view? I mean, isn't that the entire point of great art, after all? If you're angry, annoyed, or hurt by someone, before you jump on that roller coaster of self-pitying emotions, try for a minute to understand your offender's perspective. Who knows? You may just have a moment of clarity.

5. Love yourself.

Last, but most definitely not least, love yourself. It's so cliche, but it's so true. Loving yourself means forgiving yourself, appreciating your positives, and realizing that you are a remarkable and unique person who has the ability to change lives, and make the world a better place. You're pretty darn spectacular.

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