Nina Dobrev Laughed About Her 'TVD' Breakup

Nina Dobrev wasn't too upset when Ian Somerhalder's Damon Salvatore broke up with her character, Elena Gilbert, in The Vampire Diaries midseason finale — in fact, she laughed about it. The hit CW vampire drama will return on Thursday with its 100th episode and according to Dobrev's interview with E!, there are some serious changes coming our way. And it has a lot to do with her character Elena and the "love rhombus" she's been in since TVD's first season.

But why, you ask, was she laughing when Damon crushed our hearts when he called it quits on the love of his life? Because he was the one that did the breaking up, not Elena, and that signals some seriously big changes on the show.

The Vampire Diaries has centered on Elena's relationship with whichever Salvatore brother she's chosen at the time for its past four seasons, but Nina Dobrev thinks it's time for some new blood. The actress told E! that she hopes there will be a major influx of single and ready to mingle characters for not just Elena, but for Damon and Stefan Salvatore, as well.

Dobrev said, "I think they all need to take a break and go find some new people to hang out with," and we think she might be right. There's an overwhelming level of chemistry between the characters on this show (especially between Dobrev and Somehalder hence why we're still pulling for them to get back together) and they've just kept shuffling between partners so bringing in new blood (no pun intended) and having them become a part of the romantic plot of the show would be a HUGE change.

Dobrev said that everyone was so shocked to find out that Elena wasn't the one doing the breaking that they couldn't help but make a joke about it — but even with the humor, Damon's stepping up in that moment signals something big for the show's characters. Dobrev said about Damon's character, "he's changing, or trying to change, or trying not to change, just trying to do the best for her ultimately in the end which is kind of cool and sweet and funny how that all works."

So, what does this all mean for Elena and Damon getting back together after their big break-up? The actress doesn't think there will ever be a time when the Salvatore brothers won't both be in her life — they all just love each other so much and are so deeply connected after all. But she hinted at a huge spoiler that's coming our way in the 100th episode on Thursday, that will make their complication situation even more difficult to work through. Dobrev told E! that said spoiler will leave everyone "sort of very confused and there's going to be a huge shift starting in the next episode that really changes things for everyone."

We're in for a very different Vampire Diaries in 2014. We're also, apparently, seeing characters grow and change right before our eyes without really realizing it. With Damon evolving and not bending to Elena's every whim, does that mean we'll see Stefan fall out from under the Elena Gilbert spell too? Maybe Nina Dobrev's request for new love interests will be granted if everyone's going to move on from the "true love" they've been entertaining for the past few seasons? Sure, that'd be interesting but we're still going to root for Stelena and Delena respectively, regardless of what happens.

Image: The CW