When Your Favorite Book Gets Turned Into A Movie

Because Hollywood loves a good book-to-movie adaptation, there usually comes a time in every reader’s life when her favorite story makes it to the big screen. Sometimes, this will result in extreme happiness, if the movie perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the book (here’s to you, William Goldman and The Princess Bride). Other times, this will result in deep and intense sadness, if Hollywood chews up and spits out a film that is completely different from your favorite book (Ella Enchanted was an entertaining movie. But it was nothing like the book, am I right? However, the Enchanted screenwriters Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith also wrote 10 Things I Hate About You, which is a masterpiece, so I suppose it all balances out in the end).

Whether you love or hate the final product, there will inevitably be a flood of emotions rushing through your mind when your favorite book is adapted into a film. And since this year is a big one for book-to-movie adaptations, chances are you’re about to go through all of these steps pretty soon, if you’re not there already. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to buy your physical copies of the book before all the covers change into the movie covers.

1. Initial Excitement

You're scrolling through social media when you see a link to an article: Your Favorite Book, now being made into a movie! You feel a ripple of excitement. Now you can watch your favorite characters on the big screen! This is a good thing... right? And then doubt creeps in. What if the movie isn't accurate to the book? What if the director makes a bunch of changes? What if they cut your favorite scene? You're in a glass case of emotion.

2. Speculation Over Who Will Be Cast

You have a specific fan cast in your head, and you try to telepathically send it to the casting directors in Hollywood. Tom... Hiddleston... Jennifer... Lawrence... Can... Anyone... Hear... Me...?

3. Tears Of Joy (Or Disappointment) When You Find Out

Reports start appearing about which actors are cast as your favorite characters. You tear up, either because the casting directors DID read your mind, or because the cast is nothing like you pictured. You also shed a few tears because you're not in the lineup, as you would have been perfect. Oh, well — there's always the sequel.

4. Cyber Stalking The Actors

You spend some time learning everything there is to know about the cast. From their IMDb resume to YouTube videos of past interviews, you watch it all. As a superfan, it's your job.

5. Worrying About The Script

What if they change everything? If the author is writing the script, you feel a sense of relief. After all, that often results in the best book-to-movie adaptations (just look at The Princess Bride). If someone else is writing the script, however, you feel a sense of unease. Please... don't... change... everything... you think, now testing out your mental telepathy on the screenwriter.

6. Freaking Out Over The Trailer...

Suddenly, the trailer arrives! You watch it again and again, feeling a thrill of excitement. It's actually happening! Your favorite book is going to be a movie! THE EXCITEMENT.

7. ... And Then Overanalyzing It

During your 50th time watching the trailer, you begin to feel worried again. In one clip, it seems as if they changed the plot. They're also hinting at a romance that SO wasn't in the books. Your favorite side character isn't anywhere to be found. This can't be good.

8. Feeling A Flare Of Annoyance When You See The Movie-Inspired Book Covers

During a trip to the bookstore, you spot a display next to a shelf of books. Hey! It's Your Favorite Book! But the cover is different... Yep. It has happened: the beautiful cover of the original copy has been replaced with a Photoshopped press image in which every character is for some reason wearing lip gloss, and a huge sticker that says "Soon to be a major motion picture!" NOOOOO.

9. Trying To Embrace New Fans (But Reminding Yourself That You Read The Books First)

Suddenly, everyone owns those movie-poster-covered books. Your friends gush about how much they LOVE the book, even though they wouldn't read it when you were obsessed with it forever ago. You tell yourself that it's good for there to be so many new fans, but in the back of your mind you can't help thinking that you're special, because you read it first.

10. Preparing For The Premiere

Obviously, despite your worries, you HAVE to attend the midnight premiere. You prepare an entire costume, recruit all your friends to buy tickets with you, and can just FEEL the anticipation.

11. Noticing Every Single Book-To-Movie Change

When you finally make it to the theater, you try to enjoy the movie for the different art form that it is. Still, you can't help noting every change, whether big or small, between the book and film. You understand that film is a visual art, and obviously SOME things have to change, but that doesn't mean you won't notice the differences.

12. Enjoying The Movie... But Always Knowing That The Book Is Better

In the end, you can't help enjoying the movie. After all, it's a story that you will always adore, and there's a reason you fell in love with it in the first place. But in your heart, you will always reserve the most special place for the book.

Images: Giphy (12), Disney