This Alarm Clock Rug Is Ridiculously Clever

If you take the time to cruise through Kickstarter, you're bound to find some really incredible inventions that are just shy of full funding and bound for major retail success. It's the perfect platform for young visionaries with engineering chops and technological know-how to wow us with the products we didn't know we needed — enter the alarm clock rug, Ruggie. Ever wonder why you're considerably more tired after hitting the snooze button a few times? Seems illogical, right? You get more sleep, you should be less tired. Well, wrong. Going back to sleep for a few minutes at time actually messes with your brain hormones and the sleep you're getting is actually not restful or restorative sleep. It's true: You're better off getting up at that first alarm, and it'll make you feel much better throughout if you do.

Hence, the Ruggie. This product was created to help people get out of bed at that first alarm and have a better day because of it. There's nothing less thrilling about waking up to the sound of your warning bell alarm (that kinda sounds like the chemical plant warning siren from The Secret World of Alex Mack), snoozing three or four times, and then racing to the shower because you're going to be late for work. Mornings like that are a miserable blur of scrambling, doing a sloppy job of putting yourself together, and never finding the time for breakfast or a moment of morning zen.

The Ruggie is a piece of memory foam that's internally wired with a visible digital clock, sound board, and USB hook up. You set the alarm before bed, and when it goes off in the morning, you'll need to place both feet on it for a minimum of three seconds before the sensors trust you that you're actually out of bed for good. It's snooze-proof, because once you're upright for those three seconds, the chances of you going back to sleep are pretty slim. Not to mention, you can program the rug with whatever soundbites you like.

Me personally, I think I'd go for Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids à la "I'm ready to parrrrr-taaaaaayyyyyyy!" But because there is a USB hook up, you can connect the Ruggie to your computer and upload whatever sounds you want. If you're into a more balanced morning, you can use the Ruggie's rainwater alarm feature and program it with a spiritual mantra or Rumi quote. Whatever floats your boat and gets you the hell out of bed in time to face the day like a fully rested human adult!

Watch the full video here and see how you can get your snooze-button seeking paws on your very own Ruggie.

Images: Giphy; YouTube