Survey Says Men Hate Wedges. Pause While I Don't Care

A recent survey from CouponCodes4u found that men find wedges to be the least attractive shoes for women, even over Uggs and Crocs. First nugget of news from this: Dudes know what wedges are. In research for this post, I actually asked one of my best male friends if he finds wedges to be horrendous, and he responded, "Wedges of what? Cheese?" So. But I guess CouponCodes4u was able to find a whole survey-worth of males who know what wedges are and know that they hate 'em. To those men, I say: Who cares?

As a woman who wears wedges nearly all the time, I find this survey to be incredibly infuriating, especially considering that these men rated sneakers as the most attractive and kitten heels as the second most attractive. Who are these men? But it's not just a difference in taste that upsets me. The very fact that it is 2013 and this survey exists is enough to make me throw a wedge shoe in anger.

The implied takeaway from these kind of surveys is always the same: "Men hate wedges. Why are you still wearing wedges? Why do you want men to hate you so badly?" But why do these surveys even exist? I'm adamantly against wearing anything for a large group of people. We're not peacocks. We don't need to wear specific items of clothing to show off for the opposite sex, at least not if we want to be happy.

About a year ago, I went on a date to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and wore wedges and a maxi dress. I was incredibly comfortable, but the guy I was seeing asked why I was so dressed up. I protested that I wasn't dressed up, but he pointed to my shoes, telling me, "You are. You're wearing heels." I resisted the urge to hiss, "They're wedges, not heels, you moron," and spent the rest of the date feeling completely uncomfortable. Not because of my heels or my dress, but because I had been called out.

Years of reading lady magazines and listening to Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" has taught me that men often prefer t-shirts over short skirts, sneakers over high heels. But who cares? I'd rather wear a dress than shorts, and I'd rather wear wedges than sneakers. And I don't care what the survey says.

(Image via Flickr)