Groom Brings His Whole Wedding To His Sick Grandma

These days, couples are getting married later in life — while that might be what's best for their careers and finances, it does factor into other things, like aging family members who are hoping to witness a wedding. Which is exactly why this very sweet groom brought his wedding to his grandmother, who was in the hospital and totally devastated to be missing the wedding.

Brian and Lauren Kurtulik were all set to get married in front of their family and friends, when Brian's 91-year-old grandmother was hospitalized. Knowing how important his special day was to his grandmother, Brian and Lauren took a quick detour on their way to the reception from the ceremony — a pit stop at the hospital where Brian's grandmother was staying. With them, of course, their wedding photographer. Because talk about momentous captures, this type of photo-op was unlike anything Hello Gorgeous photographer Rachel could have hoped for. She even admitted that the moment was so emotional, she worried the photos would come out terribly because she couldn't stop crying behind the camera. She says:

As a photographer, this is what we live for. We live for the couples like Lauren and Brian that we connect with so deeply that trust us and love our work and for moments like this, when a photo truly is worth a thousand words and really is a moment in time.

As for what it was actually like in that hospital room, Rachel says:

When we walked into that room? Oh she was just floored. Beside herself. She just kept saying "I can't believe you're here!" and thanking them profusely for coming to see her. The way she held their hands, touched their faces and just looked at them, you could tell they had such a special bond. I don't think she let go of Brian's hand the entire time that we were in that room. It was such a special moment for her to realize how important she was to her grandson and his new wife.

This amazing gesture was captured so perfectly on film that the whole Internet started buzzing when Rachel posted the photos on her website. It was a mix of the kindness of Brian and Lauren and the sheer surprise and delight in his grandmother's eyes that make the photos so profound.

Only a month after the wedding, Brian's grandmother passed away. The newlyweds were deeply saddened by her passing, but incredibly grateful to have the photos from their special day. Brian promised his grandmother that she'd be at his wedding, and even though her health and time tried to get in the way, Brian made sure she was there.

Try not to cry as you scroll through these seriously emosh photos, and if you still have a granny, maybe give her a call and tell her you love her just because #grannies and #love.

Images: Hello Gorgeous Photography