Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy Get Lathered Up, Talk Favorite Shirtless Scenes

Newsflash: It's July. (We can't believe it either.) And we're feeling the heat (especially in California). On any given day, it's 90 degrees. The humidity is making those of us with curls want to break our hair straighteners in half. The only upside? Shirtless men. Lots and lots of them.

So it's only natural that we at talked to Dancing with the Stars' Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy, who are more frequently seen shirtless than not, about their favorite half-clothed movie scenes. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the brothers had trouble coming up with shirtless scenes — but had no problem thinking of bottomless ones.

"Tom Cruise in Risky Business, for sure. That's the one," Maks says.

Val agrees. "Tom Cruise. Unanimous decision."

(Apparently, even the brothers realize that this never gets old.)

"And Halle Berry in Swordfish," continues Val, with Maks quickly adding a "unanimous" in concurrence.

The brothers, who were recently in Las Vegas to promote the Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, showed off their own half-naked prowess at a pool party sponsored by the company. (And one lucky sweepstakes winner even got a chance to take a PG-rated shower with Val.) "It's a fun way to interact with people who have supported us for years," Val says. "To give them back something in return is amazing."

Indeed, there are many Dancing With the Stars fans who would love to get lathered up with the duo, who have racked up an impressive six top-three finishes on the reality series between them. And, with that kind of record, the brothers are hardly modest. After all, these are two men who told that they are their favorite shirtless figures. (So eat your heart out, Berry!)

"Maks is a bit of a wild character," Val says. "On Dancing with the Stars, he takes off his shirt so effortlessly that sometimes you don't even realize until he's done it."

Maks adds, "It's so organic."