This Is The Best Way To Hang Your Sweaters

If there’s one person I’d trust to organize my closet, it’d be the same person who designed Beyoncé’s. Melanie Charlton spoke with Architectural Digest about tips and tricks for a more organized closet, and the most practical insight she gave (you know, for us normal people) was detailing the best way to hang a sweater. Now, I may not have too many fancy bags that I have to worry about storing, but sweaters? Those I have plenty of. Hanging those knits can be a real issue, so thankfully, Charlton is here to save the day.

Charlton is the owner of Clos-ette, and as such, she’s helped a slew of celebrities get their closets in order. So, when she gives advice about wardrobe organization — I’m all ears. “There is no need to buy those bulky silk-lined hangers for sweaters,” Charlton told Architectural Digest. Instead, you should be using hangers with shoulder molds to keep from stretching out the shoulders. She also mentioned, “Only hang thicker-gauge sweaters, instead of fine-gauge ones that might stretch.”

Following her advice will definitely keep your sweaters from looking all deformed in the shoulder area. And as an added bonus, using this method will mean you can say you hang your sweaters the same way Bey hangs hers. I don’t know about you, but I’d do anything to be a little more like Beyoncé (especially if I can preserve my thick knits in the process).

Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers, $11.99, Amazon

These wooden hangers with rounded ends are a much closer shape to, you know, actual shoulders, which will definitely help keep your sweaters in tact.

Shoulder Shapers, $2.99, The Container Store

Adding these foam pieces to your existing hangers will help you preserve your chunky sweaters, as well as save some money on hangers.

I hope you're prepared for all of the flawless sweater storage in your future!

Images: Sergey Filimonov/Stocksy (1); Courtesy Brands (2); Giphy (1)