Crystal's New Hair Color Was a No-Go for Hef

Gentlemen prefer blonds... or, at least, Hugh Hefner does. Crystal Harris was excited to show her husband Hugh Hefner her newly dyed brown locks. Unfortunately for Crystal, 27, her 87-year-old husband wasn't too thrilled with her new do. The Playboy CEO asked his now-brunette wife, "When's it going back to blond?" — not exactly what anyone wants to hear about their latest style decision.

Apparently Hugh Hefner has a lot of sway in the Playboy Mansion, because later that week, Crystal was spotted sporting a different hair color. Crystal headed back to her hairdresser and put some highlights in her brunette ombre. In addition, Crystal put some long extensions in her, courtesy of Bellami Hair.

There's no doubt that Crystal looks gorgeous as a blond or as a brunette, but I think it's a little weird that one word from Hef can send his wife straight to the hair stylist's chair. It's no secret that Hef has a passion for blondes (lest anyone forget the days of Holly, Bridget, and Kendra). The thing is, Crystal isn't just some model that he's putting in a magazine. Crystal is Hef's wife, and as weird as their union is, Hef shouldn't be such a huge factor in her little life decisions. It's almost as if Hef is still Crystal's employer (which, in some ways, I suppose he is) and still has the power to control her most basic decisions about her appearance.

Maybe the bigger issue is that Crystal still feels like Hef has the right to control how she looks. It's nice to have your significant other be fond of your appearance, but why go so far?

Let's hope that she feels good about her choices — at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

Image: Instagram/crystalhefner