7 Hacks For When You Didn't Wash Your Face

Even the most dedicated of skincare aficionados have skipped the face wash after a long night. Hey, nobody's perfect. That's why there are hacks for when you didn't wash your face last night, since a skincare routine shouldn't get in the way of a night of fun. If you, like me, have acne-prone skin, failing to wash your face could spell disaster for the clear(ish) skin you've worked so hard to achieve, but with a few simple steps, your skin can survive an overnight date with your foundation. Just don't let the two get too cozy — it could contribute to premature aging.

It's important to remember that your skincare routine depends on your skin type and lifestyle — that is to say, the hacks on this list aren't for everybody. If you don't know your skin type, there are plenty of online quizzes, such as this one by Teen Vogue, but if you're really having problems, it never hurts to see a dermatologist or licensed esthetician.

For the purpose of this list, I'm assuming that the snoozefest took place in a full face of makeup — foundation, powder, mascara and all — and that it was just too hard to grab a makeup wipe before going to bed. So basically we're starting with something like this:

Get That Eye Makeup Off And Apologize To Your Lashes

Sleeping in mascara is super uncomfortable, and your fragile lashes will hate you for it, so get that gunk off ASAP. If I'm wrestling with really stubborn mascara or if I ran out of eye makeup remover, I will use coconut oil. Coconut oil is a recipe for a guaranteed breakout if it touches the rest of my face, though, so proceed with caution.

Remove Your Foundation

Our skin has been making friends with our foundation for about 24 hours at this point, so it's important to get that stuff off and let the skin breathe a little. Makeup wipes have magical properties, including removing heavy foundation, you can literally wipe last night away.

Wash Your Face

Once thought to be an integral component of a skincare routine, daily face washing has come under question. Although the WSJ reports that most dermatologists continue recommend daily face washing, some people have stopped doing it altogether, to positive results. This is a step that comes down to your unique skin type, so do whatever works for you.


Skip this step if you have dry skin, or if your skin feels raw or sensitive. Toners are made to remove oil from the skin, so they work best on skin with lots of — you guessed it — oil. If you choose to tone, opt for a gentle formula, and avoid the delicate skin around your eyes.


Every skin type can benefit from an appropriate moisturizer, and after all that cleansing, your skin is going to be practically begging for it.

Apply Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day is critical for preventing premature aging and skin cancer, and feeling tired after a late night is not an excuse not to use it. Still looking for a great sunscreen to wear under makeup? We've got you covered.

Keep Acne Products On Standby

If you were born with skin that never breaks out, congratulations, you were touched by an angel at birth. For everybody else, it makes sense to want to slather your face in all the benzoyl peroxide to prevent breakouts, but relax. Keep your favorite acne spot treatment on hand, ready to apply at the first sign of a zit, but there's no need to go over the top and irritate your skin even more.

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