Will Chris Soules Watch Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Season? The Farmer Is A Fan Like The Rest Of Us

Chris Soules must be relieved — he just conceded his title of The Bachelor to Ben Higgins when Ben's televised search for love began on Jan. 4. Now, Chris is free to return to his life as a simple, single Iowa farmer — but will Chris Soules be watching The Bachelor this season? Back in 2015, Chris said he wasn't looking forward to watching his former love interest Kaitlyn Bristowe search for the love of her life, and told People that he was looking to move on from the Bachelor/ette franchise — "Honestly, right now I'm okay with that part of my life being behind me," he said. But, in the rest of the People interview, Chris admitted that his then-fiancee Whitney Bischoff would "definitely be watching," so he likely wound up being sucked into that series until their relationship eventually ended.

But, even though their relationship ended and her Bachelor/ette viewing has left his house, it seems that Chris can't escape the show and his duty of former Bachelor. In the past few weeks leading up to Jan. 4's premiere of the new season, Chris has been offering both his words of advice for Ben and his commentary on the new season of The Bachelor, proving that once a Bachelor, always a Bachelor.

He's Already Promised To Watch

And, any fan knows once you watch a single episode of The Bachelor... you know you'll be back for the rest of the season. I can just imagine it now: Chris curling up in front of his fireplace (weather permitting) surrounded by just as many snacks as the rest of us, delightedly watching whatever craziness ABC has to throw Ben's way.

He's Still A Part Of The Bachelor-verse

Chris may spend most of his time working on his farm, but Mar. 19-20, he'll be a part of the "Meet a Bachelor Fantasy Weekend" in Boston. This, of course, proves that even though he doesn't usually choose to be in the spotlight, he's still a part of the family.

He Has Nothing But Nice Things To Say About Ben

In the estimation of Farmer Chris, calling Ben a "gentleman" and saying that he has a "good head on [his] shoulders" are high honors.

And, They Got Along Well When Chris Filmed His Bachelor Guest Spot

Oh, that's right — in case you missed it, Chris Soules made an appearance on this season. And, judging from the photo Chris posted, they had a wonderful time hanging out with Ben, Sean Lowe, and Jason Mesnick.

Seriously, These Two Can't Get Enough Of One Another

There is a potentially very enjoyable bromance blooming here.

He Was Hooked From The Premiere

He has a point — between a chicken enthusiast and mentions of a horse in the mansion, this season seems very appealing to farmers in the audience. If Chris Soules is going to keep up on any season of The Bachelor, it should totally be this one.

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