Is Chris Soules Single? 'The Bachelor' Told Jimmy Kimmel He's Leading His Same Farm-Filled Life

After a three-hour start to The Bachelor Season 20, fans got to check in with Ben Higgins, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Shawn Booth, and even Whitney Bischoff. But, what about Season 19's leading man? Not to fear, On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Chris Soules video-conferenced in to update the world on his own life. Spoiler alert: Chris Soules is still single, and Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time basically telling Soules that he's leading a pretty pathetic life. It was all joking between old friends, of course, but Kimmel did make a good point. Soules' former girlfriend Kaitlyn Bristowe is planning her wedding, his ex-fiancee Whitney Bischoff has a new boyfriend, and The Bachelor has moved on with Ben Higgins featuring Soules' runner-up Becca Tilley.

So, what's Soules and his dating-self up to? Not a whole lot considering he still lives in Iowa with approximately zero women. He can't even use Tinder to find himself a lady! "It doesn't have enough range to get the cities around us," he said, laughing, while talking to Kimmel. Well, without a girlfriend of his own, what does Soules think about his former GF hitting Higgins' season?

"It's little weird," he acknowledged of Tilley's return. "Apparently I wasn't enough, so she had to go back," he joked. Don't worry, though. All hope isn't lost for Soules to find love. He did mention he had his eye on Higgins' contestant Amanda Stanton. "She's kind of cute," he admitted on Kimmel's show.

So, maybe if things don't work out with Higgins, Amanda can move herself and her two daughters from California to Iowa. Or, here's a thought, Soules can try being flexible and moving elsewhere for a woman! I know, I know, it's a big step. But, you can't just live alone with corn and pigs forever, Soules. Unless you want to, I guess. Then you do you.

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Image: Fred Lee/ABC