Aziz Ansari's Dad Wants To Be In A Movie

Let's be real, guys: The breakout star of Master of None was definitely Aziz Ansari's dad. Shoukath Ansari is Aziz's dad IRL and plays Aziz's character Dev's dad in the Netflix series, and Shoukath basically stole the show with every scene he was in. So, I could totally get behind an Aziz Ansari-written movie starring his father. I didn't know I wanted it until Aziz mentioned it during the Golden Globes red carpet, but now it's all I want.

Ryan Seacrest asked Aziz about working with his real parents on the show and Aziz said it was a really positive experience. "They were great," Aziz told Seacrest. "I think when you have non-actors sometimes you're able to get a very natural performance out of them, and I think they did a great job."

And, Shoukath had such a great time on the show, he's ready to break out on his own. "My dad's always asking me to write him a movie," Aziz admitted. "I don't even know if he wants me to be in it. He's ready to start his own franchise," the comedian joked.

But, jokes aside, I would watch that movie/franchise so hard. I'm with Shoukath, Aziz should totally write him a film. I just have one request: PARO the Seal needs a cameo.

Images: Netflix; wifflegif