Emma Stone Gave Brie Larson The Best Globes Advice

If you ever wanted to know who is the happiest person to ever attend an awards show, it is Room's Brie Larson. She is having the time of her life and no doubt she should be, because I'm pretty sure Larson will take home the Golden Globe for best drama access. Anyway, besides her pretty much guaranteed win, the Globes nominee started off the highly-anticipated awards show the right way. Emma Stone gave Brie Larson a pep talk in preparation for the night that can be quite nerve-racking for some, and it contained adorable advice. As Lasron told Ryan Seacrest during E!'s red carpet:

I'm like completely OK. I spoke with Emma Stone before and she gave me a pep talk. I was like, "I don't know what to expect," and she was like, "you're gonna have the best time, you're inside the TV." So I keep sitting here thinking I'm totally inside the TV right now.

Anyone else wish they could've been there to witness that pep talk firsthand? I mean, I'm sure anyone would be glad to hang out with these two; they are both beyond fabulous. As for Stone's Globes advice? How more accurate could she be? Anyone there is basically inside the TV. It's both true, funny, and comforting, and the kind of lighthearted advice someone attending an awards show would love to get. The night is already stressful enough, and clearly Stone knows how to take all that stress away.

And, obviously, Stone's pep talk did some good, because as Larson told Seacrest, she is "totally cruising right now."

Image: Giphy