Who Is Annie Guest? Jamie Lee Curtis' Daughter Stuns On The Golden Globes Red Carpet

Some celebrities opt to bring their significant others to the red carpet, but other celebrities like to keep it all in the family. One such family oriented celeb is Jamie Lee Curtis, who brought her daughter as her date to the Golden Globes. Who is Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter, Annie Guest? Well, she seems to live a fairly private life, which is in great contrast to her prolifically famous family.

Though Guest keeps it low key, she's not a stranger to red carpets. She is a seasoned awards show date having accompanied her mother to many a fancy event. Which, when you factor in the glam squad preparation, seems like a full-time job in and of itself. Another totally fabulous yet time consuming activity Guest participates in? Being her mom's best friend. Since joining Instagram, Curtis has shared multiple pictures of her daughter of when they're hanging out together. So, yeah, Guest is one very lucky girl.

As for Curtis' proclaimed "beautiful and talented" daughter's true passion, it appears Guest is a professional dancer — and an incredibly accomplished one at that. Curtis has also taken to Instagram to show off her skills and it's clear she is a master at her craft.

Here are some more facts about Annie Guest:

She's A Dance Teacher

Guest works for MNR Dance Factory. Per her bio on their site: "She has taught at Archer School for Girls, Paul Revere Middle School, and Windward School. Annie is Co-Director of the award-winning MNR DF dance team and teaches Ballet, Jazz/Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern, Tap, and Hip-Hop."

She Graduated From Kenyon College With A BFA In Dance

According to her bio from MNR Dance Factory, she was deemed best choreographer in college.

She's Got Great Style

I mean, obviously.

She's A Dog Lover

Or, at the very least, she knows how to take an A+ picture with one.

She & Curtis Are Total #MomAndDaughterGoals

So, there you have it!