Amy Schumer & J. Law Should Host The 2017 Globes

I'm always happy when stars Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer take the stage, but it was an even more welcome moment during Sunday's Golden Globe Awards because I really, desperately needed a break from Ricky Gervais and his unrelenting series of offensive jokes. He introduced Lawrence and Schumer by saying they both "act as if they've never had a friend before" (seriously, Gervais — stop insulting J. Law!). Despite the mean intro, the two women playfully joked with each other and presented clips from one another's movies — the pair is officially #FriendshipGoals and I think Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence should host the 2017 Golden Globes.

First of all, they're both hilarious and relatable — and the chemistry of their friendship is perfect. It was literally the first moment of the night that the audience's laughter seemed genuine and everyone in the room didn't look incredibly uncomfortable with the brand of humor. It's fine to be cutting edge and take risks, but the bottom line is that the show is supposed to be fun for the attendees and the viewers — and Gervais is definitely failing in that area.

We've also seen that the dynamic female BFFs hosting the Golden Globes is a smashing success. When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the show, they kept the audience in stitches without being offensive — and that's a skill Gervais certainly lacks. Schumer and Lawrence are universally beloved, both individually and as friends, so it would definitely be good for Golden Globes ratings. And, perhaps most importantly, women have only hosted the Golden Globes a total of four times — which is the exact number of times that Gervais himself has hosted the ceremony. Considering Gervais isn't exactly a beloved host, can we please at least have women in general host more than this one man whose hosting skills are subpar?

I mean, Schumer and Lawrence packed in more genuine laughs in two minutes than Gervais has all evening:

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start campaigning for Schumer/Lawrence 2017.