Amy Schumer And J Law. Just Showed Up To 2016 GG

They're probably the most famous Hollywood BFFs in the game right now, and before they hit the red carpet, the Internet was beside itself in anticipation: Would Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence show up to the 2016 Golden Globes in matching outfits? The rumors were circulating as people speculated that your favorite funny woman duo would arrive in matching gowns, just to continue their reign of red carpet hilarity. As epic as that would be, it was almost certainly not going to happen. Even those who didn't think they'd go so far as to wear matching outfits did wonder if they'd show up together.

And if these two had shown up together, tonight would have been perfect. Lawrence got a Best Actress In A Musical Or Comedy nod for her role in Joy, while Schumer was nominated for Trainwreck. Both films are also nominated for Best Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy as well. It seems unlikely that Lawrence and Schumer would let a little friendly competition get in the way of their friendship, which started when Lawrence mentioned Schumer's name on live TV, and Schumer (understandably) geeked out about it. Since then, the two have announced plans to make a movie together — but were they attached at the hip on the red carpet as well?

Unfortunately, the two didn't show up together this year. Schumer arrived first with her sister and Trainwreck co-writer Kim Caremele in tow. She was wearing an amazing black and white gown:

Lawrence, on the other hand, looked absolutely amazing in a red cutout gown and blinged out collar:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That necklace is truly out of this world:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Proof that whichever one of them wins tonight (if either), they're still the most glamorous best buds in Hollywood.