Alicia Regrets Leaving Will On 'The Good Wife'

In its winter premiere, The Good Wife picked up right where the mid-season finale left off: with Alicia in shock after hearing Eli confess to deleting a voicemail from Will Gardner five years ago. And, while we didn't get to see Alicia's reaction then, we got an eyeful in "Iowa." Plates were thrown, tears were shed, and Eli was declared persona non grata in Alicia's apartment. And that was only in the first few minutes. Throughout the episode, Alicia continued to ignore Eli and freeze him out, even when the two of them were stuck on a bus together, traveling through Iowa to campaign for Peter. But, in no moment was Alicia's pain more obvious than when she revealed to Ruth Eastman that she wished she could go back in time and say yes to Will Gardner. Alicia may never forgive Eli for deleting that voicemail, which begs the question: what does Alicia's regrets mean for her marriage on The Good Wife ?

Let's face it: Alicia and Peter's marriage has been on the rocks ever since we met the Florricks, when Peter was in jail after being caught having affairs with hookers. But, even in Season 1, Alicia seemed at peace with her decision not to date Will, her hot friend from law school, but go another way, and eventually marry Peter. In "Iowa," Alicia finally admitted that she wished she had said yes to Will all those years ago, telling Ruth, "I think if I could go back to Georgetown right now, back to Criminal Law 101, seat 35L — that was my seat — I would've said 'yes.'"

With those words, Alicia broke the hearts of The Good Wife fans everywhere. Of course, by the end of the episode, Alicia seemed to be more on board with her current marital status, embracing Peter's campaign and her role as potential First Lady. But, could this admission mean the end for Alicia's marriage? Or perhaps Alicia accepting her regrets might pave the way for a reconciliation? Either way, I have a feeling Alicia's love life is going to get more complicated before it gets better.

Photo: JoJo Whilden/CBS