The Most Popular Clothing Color On Tinder Is...

We can agonize over how to pick an online dating profile photo. My friends and I have spent hours going over pictures trying to pick ones that are cute and representative (mine are almost all me with food, because of HONESTY). We like to show off who we are as individuals, but it turns out there may be some similarities in how we're all dressing.

A win for my favorite color scheme (if not for my individuality) has emerged as black turns out to be the most popular color to wear in Tinder photos. Data from 12,000 Tinder profile pictures were analyzed and it turns out that 30.6 percent of women and 32.3 percent of men wear black. And as someone who wears all black all the time, I have to say it's a relief so many other people are also worried about getting tomato sauce stains on their shirt on a night on the town. That's why everyone wears black, right?

But it wasn't just that black dominated the color choices. It turns out there are a whole lot of similarities in what we're all wearing in our photos. In fact, there's practically a Tinder uniform. In a press release, Tinder broke down all the elements of the 12,000 profile photos, and here's what they found:

1. White Was The Second Most Popular Color

Just over 12 percent of both men and women went with white in their photos, so 12 percent of people can eat pasta sauce without ruining their shirts. But basically, we really like to stick to the basics.

2. In Fact, Neutrals Dominated

Seriously. 56.2 percent of women and 72 percent of men stick to neutral colors. I guess it makes sense that you wouldn't want to come across as too wacky, and maybe neutrals seem a bit more approachable, but if you go for something bright you'll definitely stand out.

3. But As Far As Color Goes, Blue Was The Most Popular

Good old blue. For those branching into the color world 8.8 percent of women and 14.7 percent of blue. Which makes sense, because there are so many shades there's bound to be one that suits everyone.

4. Men Effing Love Long Sleeve Button-Downs

It's basically the bro uniform. In fact almost 33 percent of men wore long-sleeved button-down shirts. That's one out of three! Probably almost as many as pose with tiger. (My guess is they are almost always the same people.)

5. ...And Suits

I'm guessing 22 percent of men went with suits, because apparently they really want us to know they have jobs and/or have been to a wedding.

6. Women Weren't So Consistent

We didn't have so much of a go-to look, but 21.7 percent of women went with dresses in their main Tinder photo. I can never wear a dress without a boob popping out, but good on you guys.

7. We're Incredibly Gender-Normative

Basically, we get pretty performative with our clothing choices. Jessica Carbino, a sociologist for Tinder, says that "a large segment of both male and female users wear clothing that signals a clear indication of masculinity or femininity". So we're really trying to make ourselves what is stereotypically attractive to the opposite sex (if we're hetero).

My advice would be to pick outfits that represent you, rather than something that makes you look 'girly', because it's always best to show a version of you that you're comfortable with.

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