Tinder Just Released Some Bomb New Features

Just when you thought everyone's favorite love-to-hate dating app couldn't get any better, Tinder released a new update with new profile features and a new algorithm that are sure to change your online dating game. If you're a swiping addict like me, you're going to be pumped about this latest update and its potential to connect you with even better people.

Any good dating app knows that its user base is constantly evolving, and it's imperative to grow and change with them, rather than staying stuck in the past. As the most popular dating app on the market — with more than one million first dates set up per week (!) — it's no surprise that the masterminds behind Tinder are also eager to bring their users a better version of the addictive app.

"At Tinder, we’re on a mission to bring the world closer together through new connections," Ryan Ogle, CTO of Tinder, says in a press release. "Today’s updates demonstrate our commitment to enhancing the connectivity that our users are experiencing — from enriching profiles to improving our matching algorithm."

Here are five changes to the new and improved Tinder, so make sure you download the update ASAP so you can swipe with even better results.

1. New Messaging Interface

Rather than having one giant, vertical list of matches, Tinder now separates new, as-yet-uncontacted matches from those with whom you have an ongoing conversation. It looks kind of similar to the Bumble interface: the "new matches" section is a horizontal scroll bar at the top, while the "messages" section is a vertical list of all the convos you're having with people.

Ultimately, this will make things much more streamlined, so you know exactly who you have yet to chat with and they (ideally) won't get lost in the shuffle. One thing hasn't changed: Matches you have yet to click on still show up with a red dot next to their name, just at the top now instead of mixed up with the messages.

2. Better Matching Algorithm

This is probably the most important change: An "updated learning algorithm" will allow you to find more compatible matches. Ogle is optimistic about this major change: “With the updated algorithm, machine learning technology assesses and interprets the signals sent by our millions of users. With our ears even closer to the ground, we provide users with the most relevant potential matches to result in more meaningful connections – just as we’ve seen with the introduction of the Super Like, which has increased the quality of matches and lengthened conversations." Only time will tell if the algorithm will actually result in more successful matches, but this certainly sounds promising.

3. Add Your Job And Education Details

Finally, some more info about a potential date besides six pictures and an emoji-filled bio! If it's available, your profile now includes the information you provided on Facebook about where you went to school and where you work. This is all around great news, because Personally, I like to have some idea about what someone does for a living before making a judgment call about whether or not I would date them. There's no shame in wanting to date someone with a similar level of education/ambition as you, so use this new info to make a more informed swipe. If you find someone you're really compatible with, you might just find love, too.

4. Smart Profiles

This is a pretty sweet new feature: Now Tinder automatically alerts you to things you have in common with a match. For example, if a fellow Northwestern Wildcat popped up, underneath his profile photo, it would tell me, "You both went to Northwestern University." It also might include commonalities like being from the same hometown or having the same profession, which basically gives you a guaranteed convo starter, and according to the press release from Tinder, allows users to "establish a unique connection" with one another from the get-go. If you don't have anything in common, it will simply put the other person's education info under their profile photo, as seen above.

5. No More Moments

RIP :( The new update, while beautiful in so many ways, is also the end of the beloved, oft-ridiculous Tinder Moments feature. On the one hand, it's great because I will no longer have to deal with unsolicited shirtless/dick pics (yes, men really do this). On the other, it's sad because it was fun to post Moments of whatever I happened to be doing at the time (usually while drunk, but whatever). All good things must end, though, so I guess it's time to move on. The good news? Tinder gives you once last chance to save any of your iconic Moments to your camera roll before they disappear into the ether.

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