15 Forgotten Fashion Terms You Loved As A Tween

Remember when everything cool came from Limited Too and you were out to emulate Full House or Lizzie McGuire as much as possible in your fashion choices? If you're craving a nostalgia fix, scroll through these favorite fashion terms you loved as a tween that probably mean absolutely nothing to teens today. Long live gaucho pants!

But, you know what? Considering how hardcore '90s and early '00s trends are making a comeback, maybe the terms below are useful to brush up on anyway. I mean, can we stop and talk about the beauty trends from the '90s no one can afford to forget about? Or how about all the early 2000s things that happened at fashion week last February?

At the peak of my tween days, I recall my fashion idols including the Spice Girls, Lizzie McGuire, and Avril Lavigne. This basically meant I was a hot eleven-year-old mess who simultaneously rocked Baby Spice-style half pig tail rounds with crimped hair a la Lizzie McGuire, and would finish off my look with unnecessary amounts of black eyeliner, a white tank top, and a tie stolen from my dad's closet. If that description doesn't conjure up the word "fabulous" in your head, then I have no idea what does.

If you've been wanting to relive your equally glorious fashion youth, look no further than these beloved old fashion terms:

1. Shrugs

Red Shrug, $5, Mineral Spirit

Remember those cropped sweater things? You can totally still buy them.

2. Gaucho Pants

G2 Chic Women's Soft Capri Length Palazzo Stretch Gaucho Pants, $12-18,

Before athleisure wear and leggings, there were gaucho pants. And they were amazing.

3. Scrunchies

'90s Scrunchie, $3.29, CatchTheClock

Scrunchies were the coolest. Even better if they had some sort of plaid action happening!

4. Rice Necklaces

Personalized Grain Of Rice Necklace, $14.97, MuckyPawsJewellery

Either you or someone you knew definitely had one of those ridiculous little rice necklaces. I still want to know how people write on the rice! Forever a mystery.

5. Mood Rings

Mood Ring, $2.25, UnicornBorn

Full disclosure: I'm still totally obsessed with these.

6. Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelet, $2.00, Ava Fusion

I had a pink fuzzy one and wore it everywhere.

7. Bandana Tops

Bandana Top, $44.50, GirlsGoneBiker

Um, remember when Beyonce made every single one of us want a bandana top?

8. Cone Bras

The year was 1990, and Madonna wore a cone bra. The rest is history.

9. KANDI Bracelets

Before EDM took over, '90s rave culture was all about those KANDI bracelets.

10. JNCO Jeans

JNCO Jeans, $39, DownHouseVintage

Oh yeah, all that baggy magic.

11. "The Rachel" Cut

Up until the Netflix resurgence of Friends, literally no one between the ages of 12 and 15 today would understand the bliss that was "the Rachel" cut.

12. Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips, $5.50, garbageofthegalaxy

Could you ever wear too many at once?

13. Trucker Hats

Von Dutch Cap, $13.50, HarunVintage

Those Von Dutch hats that everyone from Nicole Richie to Ashton Kutcher were spotted in. Oh man, the craving for one is surfacing again...

14. Popcorn Shirts

Popcorn Shirt, $27, DBWbyLY

Literally, what the heck were those even? And why did I own five?!

15. L.A. Lites

These were the coolest. Where are mine now!?

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Images: Courtesy of Brands