Erika Jayne's Name Explained

If you're watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, I have to assume that you are obsessed with Erika Jayne. I know I am. She is a gem and a half, and I'm really living for her dual personalities: Erika Girardi, the polished Beverly Hills wife of Tom Girardi, and Erika Jayne, the outrageous dance music singer. From the get go it's been very clear which personality is which, but I have another question: Is Erika Jayne her stage name or her given name?

Bustle reached out to a rep for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who confirmed that Erika Jayne is her stage name, which is what I suspected.

This means that she also must have a given last name. Would this third name in the mix mean that there are actually three different versions of her personality, because I would be so happy about that. The more Erika the better! Seriously though, I cannot get enough of what she has to offer, no matter which personality is on display!

I know Erika is pretty new to the Real Housewives scene, but she seems to be one of the most real cast members. And I don't mean that in the way that many other reality stars are "real" meaning abrasive and harshly honest. She is just genuine. The only thing over-the-top about Erika is her performances and wardrobe as Erika Jayne.

I love the fierceness served by the loyal wife and friend Erika Girardi. And I love the sensational show put on by Erika Jayne. So this makes me want to know what a third version of Erika could possibly be like. To quote her RHOBH tagline she's "an enigma, wrapped in a riddle — and cash."

Image: rhogif/Tumblr