Does David Bowie Have Unreleased Music?

On Sunday, the world was dealt a devastating blow when legendary British singer David Bowie died at age 69. According to a statement posted to Bowie's official Facebook page, he was battling cancer. Though the "Let's Dance" hit-maker had retired from the spotlight in recent years (his last public performance was in 2006), he continued to make music. In fact, his latest album, Blackstar , was just released on Fri., Jan. 8 — his birthday. In the wake of his passing, many fans are looking to Bowie's music for comfort. The star put out an astonishing 27 studio albums during his career, so there's certainly a wealth of material to listen to and enjoy. However, some may be wondering: Does David Bowie have unreleased music? Will his legacy be supported by the release of previously unheard songs in the future? Those are good questions. Here's what we know:

Bowie issued numerous compilation albums featuring previously unreleased material (new songs, new versions of existing songs, demos, etc.) throughout his career. Therefore, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that there may still be unreleased Bowie tracks that the general public doesn't know about yet. In fact, an entire unreleased Bowie album called Toy leaked online in 2011. (According to Rolling Stone, the LP was intended to be released in 2001, but was "shelved due to a dispute" with Bowie's record label.)


Most recently, in February 2014, Bowie's long-time producer, Tony Visconti, said there were "two or three astounding leftover songs" from Bowie's 2013 album, The Next Day, that he hoped would eventually be released. Unfortunately, whether or not these songs have since seen the light of day is currently unknown. If there are still unreleased tracks out there, I know Bowie's fans hope they will be treated with respect, and only released in accordance with his wishes.

Known for his unique songwriting and sense of style, Bowie influenced countless artists throughout his lifetime, and he will undoubtedly influence countless more in the years to come. We've lost a visionary, yes, but his contributions to music, fashion, and pop culture will live on forever. Bowie is survived by his wife, Iman, and his two children, Duncan and Alexandria.