Is Jenna In The Casket On The 'Pretty Little Liars' Poster? Those Sunglasses Are Definitely A Clue

Have you seen the new Pretty Little Liars Season 6B poster yet? If so you, like me, probably have a million questions starting with, "Where do I get those killer (pun intended) funeral outfits?" and ending with, "Who is in that casket though?" OK, OK, the casket may have been your first question if you have better mystery-solving priorities than me. (I just really need Hanna's ~fire~ dress OK?) Anyway, after I got over the fact that they all look A+ I decided to speculate about who they may be carrying and I think I have an answer: Jenna's dead body is in the casket.

The last we saw her, she was one of Ali's Christmas masquerade ball friends, back when we thought Ali may have been A. Oh, and she was mentioned briefly in the Season 6 prom episode as being Lucas' date. But, I mean, we haven't seen her in awhile so it's highly likely she's no longer with us.

Don't worry, this isn't just wild speculation on my part (like when I guessed Noel Kahn was A), I have actual proof that Jenna's dead and the Liars are holding her casket. Or, not proof so much as evidence that when all compiled together makes a pretty compelling case for Jenna's death. Here's what I've come up with so far, and R.I.P. Jenna.

The Liars Are All Wearing Sunglasses

Sure, this could just be a nod to how cool they are. Or, it could be a nod to Jenna and her own sunglasses. I think it's the latter.

They Look Pretty OK With Whoever Is Dead

The Liars are pretty nonchalant about carrying that casket, so I feel like whoever is in it doesn't really matter to them. They've always had a pretty tenuous relationship with Jenna, so they probably wouldn't mind showing up and stealing the show at her funeral.

Jenna Is Someone/Something They All Had In Common

As this tweet points out, the show started with the five of them and The Jenna Thing, and maybe Season 6B will end with the five of them and the ultimate Jenna Thing (her death). It's gonna come full circle.

Jenna Was Recently Mentioned

I don't think it's an accident that Jenna was name-dropped in the prom episode of Season 6A. That was a reminder to viewers not to forget about her because she's going to show back up in Rosewood... she just might be dead when she does it.

Images: ABC Family; up-with-the-camera, jennakillzliars/Tumblr; Martha Sorren/Bustle