Jennifer Lawrence Is Criticized For Being Rude To A Reporter After The 2016 Golden Globes — VIDEO

Hey, I'm real happy for everyone who loved Joy and thinks that the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy went to the right person, but Jennifer Lawrence was rude to a reporter in the Globes' newsroom, post-ceremony. I know that's not what any of us want to hear, because Lawrence has gotten a reputation over the years of being refreshingly genuine, but when you're as blessedly uncensored as she is all the time, things are bound to cross the line every once in a while. And that's what I feel like happened here. Lawrence was at the microphone with her award, fielding questions about the win, when Juan Pablo Fernández-Feo, who works for E! predominantly in Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela, started to chime in with one of his own. That's when it all went wrong.

The reporter never reached the end of the question, and there doesn't seem to have been a camera on him at the time, so I can't tell you exactly what went down. However, he seems to have been asking about Lawrence's hopes for the Oscars based on her Globes win. And, as he's not a native speaker of English, it also seems that Fernández-Feo was looking at his phone for the exact phrasing, so as to get it right. At least, that's what I think, but others have claimed that he was using his phone to record the interview. Whatever Fernández-Feo was doing, it rubbed Lawrence the wrong way, and she interrupted him mid-question to literally wag her finger at him and say:

You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro. You're just not gonna — you can't do that. You gotta live in the now, y'know?

He apologized, and sounded genuinely embarrassed to me, but Lawrence still didn't let him off the hook. He got halfway through his question again, saying, "How do you see yourself for the Oscar night—" before she cut him off again, snapping back, "We're at the Golden Globes. If you — if you put your phone down, you'd know that." Yeesh. Watch the video of the whole exchange below, and then we'll chat.

I just... really can't get behind this. It's possible that Lawrence thinks she's joking with this guy, or trying to have fun with him, but it strikes me as unnecessarily rude. As far as I can tell, from an outside perspective, the man is doing his best to be respectful to Lawrence: studying his phone so he doesn't misstate the question, good-naturedly laughing at himself when Lawrence calls him out on it, and patiently waiting to ask it again. The guy is doing his job, or trying to; he probably only gets to ask her one question, and has to make a whole story out of it. But Lawrence can't even let him get a full sentence out before interrupting him and getting the newsroom to laugh at his expense. The whole exchange just feels wrong, and the Internet agrees.

I usually enjoy the ease and unstudied air of Lawrence's quips, but, in this case, I wish she'd taken just one more moment to self-evaluate and determine whether she was being refreshingly honest or plain rude. I fall pretty firmly in the second camp, and I have my fingers crossed that Jennifer Lawrence watches the video back, feels as uncomfortable about it as I did, and vows to be more heads up about situations like this in the future.