New ‘House Of Cards’ Teaser Hints At Scandal Ahead

There are only a few weeks standing between the world and the Season 4 premiere of House of Cards, and Netflix is rolling out a series of effective teasers and trailers that hint at the scandal that is sure to come in Season 4. Cleverly placing ads during huge events like last month’s Republican debate and Sunday night’s Golden Globes ceremony, Netflix is pulling out all the marketing stops to get fans excited for the new season of House of Cards. As if it were even necessary.

After all, Season 3 ended on a serious high note, with sitting President Frank Underwood’s wife telling him that she is leaving him and his chief of staff having just killed and buried someone. Talk about low stakes.

Something tells me, with cliffhangers like that, everyone will be tuning in on March 4 to catch all new episodes of House of Cards. Still, if you weren’t a fan of House of Cards already, these teasers will make you want to be one. They come to viewers in the form of fictional campaign ads, with Frank Underwood sitting presidentially at a desk in the Oval Office, speaking directly into the camera about the kind of leader America deserves.

Interwoven into his speech, however, are short bursts of highly-charged scenes from last season that capture what kind of leader Frank really is. They show Frank engaging a number of activities that hint at the scandal to come in Season 4. Because, while fans may speculate about whether these teasers hint at there being some larger fallout from all of Underwood’s seedy behavior, I think they hint at all of the scandal that is yet to come. After all, Frank is at a breaking point. The man is facing down an election season with a first lady that has left him a legit homicide on his hands. And, when it comes to Frank Underwood, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Even more desperate than the measures Frank took in Season 3, if you ask me.

Image: Netflix