John Krasinski To Announce Oscar Nominations

There are only three more days that the world has to wait until the 2016 Oscar nominations are announced, and on Monday the Academy revealed that John Krasinski is one of the people chosen to read the list of Oscar nominations. Cheryl Boone Isaacs, Guillermo del Toro, and Ang Lee will also read from the list, but I am definitely the most excited for John Krasinski’s portion of the show. Mostly because this process can be incredibly boring. So I’m secretly hoping that Krasinski puts that natural wit and sly humor to good use and livens it up a bit, Jim Halpert-style.

After all, John Krasinski, who spent nine seasons playing Jim Halpert on The Office, is used to playing people who make the most of dry work environments. As Jim Halpert, he played a paper salesman in Scranton, PA, and his pranks, jokes, and sly looks made even the most boring work days totally entertaining. Seriously, if Krasinski can make selling paper in a paperless world a hit, then he will have no problem turning that list of names into something worth watching.

And I am secretly hoping Krasinski pulls out all of his finest moves for this occasion — his confused looks, his knowing glances, his penchant for pranks, and his love for breaking the fourth wall. None of those tactics require Krasinski to go off-script (which would probably be the biggest no-no for this gig), but would go a long way in lending a little humor to this otherwise humorless gig.

Plus I miss The Office more than pretty much anything that has ever been in my life, so I would love any occasion to welcome a little bit of Jim Halpert’s unique brand of boredom humor back into my life. Reading a long list of names and categories doesn’t lend itself to any real entertainment, so I’m holding out hope that John Krasinski digs deep and finds a little bit of that Jim Halpert magic in even this mundane task.

After all, the Oscar nominations could use a little spicing up. And John Krasinski might be just the man to do it.

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