What 'PLL' May Have In Store For Melissa Hastings

When it comes to teen soaps, the crazier, the better IMO. I’ve loved Torrey DeVitto since her days as Nanny Carrie on One Tree Hill (she kidnapped Jamie Scott, tortured Dan Scott, and was eventually shot dead by Deb Scott), and I especially enjoy her as Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars . The finale of Season 6A really transformed the series as we know it, revealing Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka CeCe Drake, as A, letting the Liars finally be safe. However, while all of that went down, Spencer's older sister was in London with Wren, leading me to wonder if Melissa will return for Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. I can't be the only one dying to know where she is five years later.

Before we get that far, let’s catch up with what Melissa has been doing up to this point. For a while, Spencer and her sister didn't really get along. Well, until Melissa told Spencer the truth. You see, the Liars were so convinced that the reason why Melissa was so evil to them was because she was A or at least was helping A, but that wasn’t even close to the truth. It turns out that Melissa was actually protecting her sister — she thought that Spencer, in a drug-induced stupor, hurt Alison (who actually was Bethany Young), so Melissa buried Bethany alive in the DiLaurentis’ backyard to cover it up. Once she confessed this, Melissa pretty much bailed for London. I'd be afraid of the police, too, especially the force in Rosewood.

Luckily, it seems the elder Hastings will return to Rosewood this season, as DeVitto has taken some snaps from the PLL set. Let’s see what we can surmise about Melissa's Seaosn 6B storyline from the photos.

Melissa Works With (Or Against) Hanna

Ashley Benson and DeVitto don't usually share scenes, so the fact that Hanna and Melissa are together in the new season is of interest to me. Even DeVitto’s caption — “a rare occurrence” — suggests that this could be something special. Hanna works in fashion now, so is this a job thing? She flies all over the world, so it could be that they rendezvoused in London. Or perhaps Melissa is back and trying to help Hanna and the other Liars combat “B.” For more Season 6B theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.

Melissa Has A Flashback Or 2

This season jumps forward five years, nicely letting viewers off the hook from watching the Liars in college. But notice how short DeVitto’s hair appears to be here? In all of the other pictures from set, it’s very long. The last time we saw Melissa, she had a cute crop. I am thinking that we’ll get a look into how Melissa spent the last five years in London and/or Rosewood. Or maybe even earlier than that? This could fill in some more blanks about all of her whereabouts.

Melissa Comes Back To Rosewood

I don’t know about you, but this set sure looks like The Brew, or whatever we’re calling Ezra’s coffee-shop-art-gallery hybrid (he would have a multi-use space, wouldn’t he?). That means that London is no more for Melissa. Perhaps she’s grabbed Wren and come back stateside, or maybe they’ve broken up. Whatever the case, Melissa will definitely be back in Rosewood at some point.

Melissa Spends Time With The Hastings Women, But Not Her Dad

The family that debates together, stays together? The Hastings aren’t exactly the warmest of families, but far be it from me to say they’re not fierce. This pic of the three Hastings women says something about missing Nolan. I’m sure they mean Nolan North, who plays Peter Hastings. Is Mr. Hastings out of the picture for good? Is he still alive? Or just missing in action? We won’t know until Season 6B premieres.

No matter the outcome, I’m just glad Melissa Hastings is coming back for more Pretty Little Liars.

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Image: FreeForm