Could 'The Originals' Be Pulling An 'AHS: Coven'?

You were probably as confused as we were when The Originals killed off its first main character on Tuesday night's episode — but what if they only did it to bring her back à la American Horror Story : Coven ? Show creator Julie Plec, who also helmed the CW's first vampire drama, The Vampire Diaries, gave a similar treatment to The Originals' parent series during its premiere season. But still — why Davina? That girl had so much potential, especially with everyone fighting over her and believing that she was the ultimate secret weapon. So why would she kill her off in the least exciting way possible? Answer: to bring her back, of course.

So will The Originals dabble in resurrection? It would definitely make sense if it did — especially considering many a supernatural being have been killed and resurrected and even killed again on The Vampire Diaries over the course of its five-season run. (Jeremy, Alaric, Bonnie, Vicky, Silas!!!) And with Ryan Murphy's AHS: Coven making resurrection an every day activity and guarantee when someone meets their demise on the show, we can see how that option would be fresh on Julie Plec's brain. (The New Orleans location might not be the only thing these two shows have in common come the end of their respective seasons.) So if history has any say, Davina Claire will definitely make a return to the show sometime before it's premiere season comes to an end — but there are even better reasons than that to resurrect her.

First off, the way they killed her off was such a cop-out that we can't even entertain the idea that it will be permanent. She just surrendered herself to death because she realized that she couldn't control her powers after years of hiding from the crazy elders that wanted to complete the Harvest? There were plenty of other options for her that could include but definitely aren't limited to ASKING FOR HELP. Like, hello, when is the first option — when you know you're capable of great things — to just give up and let someone kill you to complete an archaic ritual? It's not. And it's unsatisfying that she stayed dead because the Harvest "failed." If you're looking for lame, that's it. And I know she was self-destructing slowly and painfully and could've potentially destroyed the entire city of NOLA, but whatever. It was also unforgivably lame that no one could figure out how to stop that from happening — considering a lot of them have been around since the beginning of time. What's the use of being alive for so long if you learn nothing useful?

Secondly, she was SO powerful and if AHS: Coven has taught us anything, it's that being powerful is basically a guarantee that you're not going to be gone forever. If she doesn't figure out how to bring herself back — even though it's possible that with her amount of power she could do it by accident — someone will go to whatever lengths it'll take to bring her back. (Maybe he just needs to bury her in some of Misty Day's swamp mud for awhile?) Klaus likes to always have something up his sleeve, so if he got a witch to resurrect her, that would be the ultimate edge over any enemy — especially if he gives her the attention she deserves and the training she needs. We don't know where exactly her powers were released to (Sabine might have absorbed them all but that would mean that'll she be self-destructing soon too), so it's definitely possible that enough of it is in her lifeless body to revive her.

Davina had a lot of things going for her and she was starting to build decent relationships and alliances with Hayley and Elijah — there was potential for her character to become a huge player on the supernatural scene in New Orleans. So, yeah, we can't help but feel a little disappointed by the fact that she died in a ritual gone wrong. The only catch with coming back from the dead is that she's going to have to seriously watch her back, because, again, Ryan Murphy's taught us that with the exhibition of great power comes a great chance that someone will slit your throat.

But really, how great would it be to see something like this again?

Images: The CW, elenaseyes/tumblr, Rebloggy