Caila Quinn Talks Her Ex-Boyfriend On 'The Bachelor' & Ben Higgins Could Be The Man She's Been Searching For

It’s always hard at the beginning of every season of The Bachelor to decipher which women are really going to go the distance in the competition. There are 25 (or more) of them — you kind of have to wait until most of them are culled out to pick a clear winner. In the case of Ben Higgins’ season, I want to be the first to say that I think that Caila Quinn will go far on The Bachelor (or not the first, but maybe the loudest). This Boston-based software engineer is absolutely adorable, and Caila and Ben get along really well.

She won the date with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, which was a ploy to promote Ride Along 2 that I really don’t want to talk about except to say, “Why?” Anyway, this duo drove around in a car with Hart and Ice Cube, sat in a hot tub, and then went to dinner (just the two of them), and that’s where the magic really happened. The pair talked about Caila's ex-boyfriend and how Caila's heart just never caught up with her brain regarding him. Ben asked Caila what she was looking for in a man, and she said that she just wants somebody who complements her. She “wants to feel like [she’s] in the right relationship.”

I like that — no need to change somebody. You just want to feel like you mesh, you know? Ben talked about being unlovable and how he’s never felt like his relationships have been a two-way street. Caila agreed, lamenting that she’s based too much in relationships on “fate” and she’s learned that it’s really just about spending time with one another. For 24 years old, this gal is awfully mature.

If Ben, as he said, wants a partner that he can talk about life with he could definitely find that in Caila. Not only do they do the same job (they can talk about that), but also Ben and Caila are totally on the same frequency. They’re both very calm and casual and serene. Amos Lee serenaded Caila and Ben on their date, and it was basically the perfect soundtrack—cool, soothing, and collected. Just like Ben and Caila! I see big (but chill) things in the future for these two.

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Images: Rick Rowell/ABC