Jade & Tanner Finally Set A Wedding Date!

More often than not, The Bachelor ends in heartbreak, but that just means that when a couple meets on the show and actually ends up living happily ever after, it's that much sweeter. And, that's why it was so adorable watching Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert fall in love on Bachelor in Paradise over the summer. They've been engaged for awhile now and even live together, so when are these two crazy kids going to tie the knot?! If you're wondering the same thing, The Bachelor's new after show, Bachelor Live, totally has us covered. Jade and Tanner announced they're getting married soon!

Unfortunately, they didn't give us an actual date, but they did say that it would be happening in a matter of weeks and that it will be broadcast on ABC. Oh, and they even asked Chris Harrison to officiate, NBD. So, wait, what?! This wedding is going to be televised? I can't wait until more info is released. It'll be interesting to see if it ties into an episode of The Bachelor or if it's its own special. I'm hoping for the second option, because they need all the screentime in the world since I have a feeling this wedding will be super cute.

And as if that's not enough good news, they also happened to mention that they recently bought land and are building a house. You guys, stop. You're too cute. I can't wait to see these two say their vows — and see the dress Jade has picked out. After their Bachelor and Bachelorette journeys, they both deserve the happiest of all endings.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC