Lisa Prepares For Stassi's 'Pump Rules' Return

Did you hear that? That noise that sounded a lot like a statement necklace clanging against a bottle of white wine? You know what that noise means, right? SHE IS ALMOST HERE. On Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules , Lisa Vanderpump warned trusted bartenders Ariana, Tom Sandoval, and Jax that the Ghost of SURmas Past will be popping by the restaurant at some point. Yes, just a few months after she dragged the names of her former boss, costars, coworkers, and friends through the Pinot Grigio-scented mud, Stassi has returned to the Pump Rules ring. Well, almost. No, Stassi has not yet appeared on Season 4, but her homecoming will happen soon. And SUR has prepared accordingly. And I have prepared accordingly.

Lisa gave the Three Bar-sketeers strict instructions: 1) Do not give Stassi any free drinks, and 2) do not finish in any unfinished conversations with Stassi. As Lisa and co. battened down the proverbial hatches and boarded up the SUR windows for Stassi’s impending arrival, I lit a candle at my Bravo shrine and thanked Andy Cohen. I legitimately cannot wait to see how her return goes down.

Ohhhhh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy. I hope they give Stassi free drinks! I hope they finish all of the unfinished conversations! I can't wait! Here's a video of me staring at future episodes of Pump Rules:


Image: xe-stuff/tumblr