Adele & James Corden Do Carpool Karaoke Like Pros

by Amy Mackelden

In yet more exciting Adele-related news, we've finally been given a sneak peak of the next edition of Carpool Karaoke, featuring the "Hello" singer crooning away with fellow Brit James Corden. Corden was the presenter at the BRIT Awards in 2011, the year that Adele's tearful rendition of "Someone Like You" broke the world's heart. As longtime pals, it'll be super fun to see theteaser of Corden and Adele doing carpool duets turn into a full skit in which they kill it a capella style as they drive around the streets.

James Corden was famously asked to cut Adele's speech short at The BRIT Awards in 2012 (she won two awards). In The Telegraph, Corden said, "I was furious and put in a horrible position. I went straight to Adele's dressing room, and she was fine with me, but really upset. She had a speech and had a list of people she wanted to thank." The pair obviously have a strong friendship, and have been through a lot together. More recently, Corden made a "Hello" parody video for Halloween with Billy Eichner, which you need to see.

As longterm friends, Adele and James Corden's Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show is sure to be every bit as legendary as previous guest stars, which have included One Direction and Justin Bieber. Here are the best moments from the sneak peak so far.

1. "Hello, It's Me!"

An edition of Carpool Karaoke featuring Adele wouldn't be complete without a joke about smash hit song "Hello." Corden kicks off the preview by talking on his cell phone, quoting "Hello" in the most casual fashion. Subtle, bro!

2. Making Her Late Late Show Debut

It's definitely an event that everyone needs to watch. Adele is queen of the world right now, isn't she?

3. "I'm Outside!"

Carrying on the "Hello" references, James Corden exaggerates as he tells whoever is on the phone (Adele presumably!) "I'm outside!"

4. Adele And James Corden Sing "Hello"

Now, this was a given. Corden and Adele's rendition of "Hello" is sure to be epic, and it's exciting to get a sneak preview in the clip.

5. Adele Gets Into Carpool Karaoke

It's hilarious to see Adele singing along to her own track. She seems totally chilled out riding in the car listening to "Hello." She is pitch perfect, obviously.

6. Corden Compliments Adele's Hair

James Corden says he likes Adele's new bob. It is a pretty beautiful Adele haircut.

7. Weave Or Wig?

Adele says she's not sure whether to wear a wig or get a weave, when she needs longer more dramatic hair.

8. Corden And Adele Burst Out Laughing

When Corden asks Adele why she's hoping to get hair advice from him, they both can't help but delight in the joke.

9. "Rolling In The Deep" Happens

The dance moves to this Adele track are epic.

10. "Rolling In The Deep" Continues To Be Amazing

Like, seriously.

11. Adele Gets Camera Shy

In the cutest shot, Adele appears to get a tiny bit shy singing her own songs in the car. It looks as though the pair are in quite a public area at this point of the video, so maybe people outside the vehicle can see in?

12. The Car Dancing Continues

We should all get this much exercise when we travel.

13. Carpool Karaoke With Adele Can't Come Soon Enough

Eek! It looks so good. Plus, as mates, Adele and James Corden are sure to chat about all kinds of things. Check out the full sneak peak video below!

Images: The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube (15)