Hot Guys Holding BB-8 Tumblr Is Everything

Film critics and Star Wars fans are rightly lauding Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac for their star-making performances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but we all know the real breakout star of the movie was BB-8, the most adorable droid since, well, R2-D2, probably. So what could be better than a Tumblr called “Hot Guys Holding BB8”? I’ll tell you: Nothing. Nothing is better than pictures of sexy dudes holding BB-8. Of course, we already knew that from watching Poe Dameron and Finn snuggle the rolling robot in The Force Awakens, but this Tumblr shows that, like puppies and books, cute droids make everyone hotter.

“Hot Guys Holding BB8” was created by Entertainment Weekly writer Marc Snetiker, who describes the site as “A poorly Photoshopped story of boy meets droid.” The account features many of the world’s most attractive celebs, some of whom hail from other major film franchises, like Spiderman and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Hey, Captain America. Yeah, I see you over there.) The Tumblr also features athletes like… hey, are you even reading this anymore? Or are you scrolling past all of these glorious words, muttering, “I want the hot guys with BB-8, dammit!” OK, OK, I get it. Let’s get to the good stuff:

Speaking of... What would 97-year-old Steve Rogers make of a roller ball robot?

Thor clearly loves a BB-8 cuddle.

Zac Efron... what exactly is going on here?

Idris, having deep conversations with BB-8 at the bar.

Loki gets two.

Coach Taylor!

Michael B. Jordan keeps BB-8 close to his heart.

And, of course, we have BB-8's old friend Poe, snuggling his favorite droid on he subway.

... And BROODING. Attractively.

BB-8 clearly approves.

And so do we all, BB-8. SO DO WE ALL.

Images courtesy of Hot Guys Holding BB8; Giphy.