@Menandwine Instagram Proves We're Not Getting Over The Whole "Hot Dude With Desirable Object" Photo Trend Anytime Soon

I'll admit, I'm not sure how I feel about this new @Menandwine Instagram that's gone viral — which, as the name suggests, features super attractive men posing in various settings with a glass of wine. By visually juxtaposing shirtless guys with sweet drinks, is Winophy (the Italian food and lifestyle site behind the account) objectifying the subjects of its photos? Or is the brand actually empowering women and queer men by reversing the usual man-as-viewer, woman-as-object narrative? Or is a hot guy with an alcoholic beverage just a hot guy with an alcoholic beverage, and maybe we shouldn't bother searching for subtext and just go with it? Honestly, all of these questions are starting to make me feel the need for a glass of wine myself...

Regardless of how we feel about it, though, the whole "hot dude with desirable object" photo trend has definitely proven to be a winning formula on Instagram, perhaps in part because Instagram is female-dominated. In fact, there appears to be some variation of this combo available to practically every interest group, including book lovers, caffeine addicts, dog owners, and salad eaters.Here are a few IG accounts that will leave your mouth watering and your eyes darting in conflict between the hot guy in the photo and the desirable object he's posing with. You can decide how to feel about them yourself.


At least this eye-candy (or, er, eye-salad) collection encourages healthy dietary habits, amiright?


The stars of this literary Instagram can read us bedtime stories all. Night. Long.


If you don't have time to make it to Starbucks this afternoon, these coffee drinkers will provide a much-needed pick-me-up.


These proud pooch owners can take us on a walk any time.


Behold, the ultimate fantasy of every crazy cat lady: a male counterpart equally obsessed with felines.

Images: menandwine, l jsqueaks , hotdudesreading, menandcoffee, hotdudeswithdogs, @CuteBoys_WithCats/Instagram