Nick Is Making Some Changes On 'New Girl'

No one hates being a responsible adult more so than Nick Miller. In fact, he's gone to great lengths to be the exact opposite of that pretty much his entire life. But it seems as though this lovably lazy man child is starting to grow up and that's not necessarily a bad thing. During Tuesday night's episode "What About Fred," Nick and Schmidt became official co-owners of the bar on New Girl , which forced our beloved Mr. Miller to assume a more authoritative role over his fellow co-workers. Because now he's not just their friend — he's also their boss and manager. And as crazy of a notion as it is to see Nick doing anything other than goofing off, I'm kinda excited to see what this new job promotion will mean for his overall storyline. In fact, I wouldn't be all that surprised if it eventually led to a Nick and Jess reunion.

If you recall, Jess and Nick's biggest problem as a couple stemmed from how little Nick liked to think about the future and his lack of motivation. But now that he's part owner of the bar, that could all change. By the end of the episode we even saw Nick reframe from slacking off and went over to check the books like a real, grown-up adult. I mean, he hated doing it, but he still did it nonetheless. The old Nick would've just shirked off his responsibilities and gone to hang out with his friends. But this newer — and dare I say — maturer Nick stuck it out and completed the task. And while many might view that as a very small step in the right direction, I look at it as the start of a much bigger storyline — perhaps one that finally brings Jess and Nick back together where they belong.

I'm not saying this is going to be something that happens right away, nor am I saying that I want Nick to change too much from the character we've grown to love throughout the years. I'm merely pointing out that this little uptick in his initiative could be the push he's always needed to become the man Jess always knew he could be. And given the less than great suitors we've seen Jess dealing with lately (Fred and his love of trains was just the WORST), I'd say she'd be pretty receptive to the idea of rekindling things with Nick if the timing is right.

It may not happen next week or the week after, or even five weeks from now, but eventually I think Nick and Jess will realize they're perfect for each other and owe it to themselves to give their relationship another chance. And if Nick's newfound maturity helps them to get there, then so be it.

Image: Patrick McElhenney/FOX; Giphy