Schmidt Bollywood Dances In The 'New Girl' Season 5 Premiere & The Reason Why Will Give You All The Schmece Feels — VIDEO

Now THIS is how you return from an extra long hiatus. After going the entire fall season without our weekly dose of loftmate hilarity, the New Girl Season 5 premiere rewarded our patience with the most precious gift of all: a Schmidt and Cece engagement party! But not just any engagement party. One that involved Schmidt performing a Bollywood dance that's guaranteed to send your Schmece feels into overdrive. And it was all done in the hopes of earning the approval of Cece's mom — a task that turned out to be much more difficult than any of them suspected.

You see, it all started because Jess and Schmidt thought it would be a nice surprise to fly Cece's mom in for the big day of festivities. The only problem was that apparently Cece had yet to inform her mother that she was even engaged at all. So upon her arrive, Mama P was less than thrilled with the idea of this particular union. No matter how much Cece pleaded Schmidt's case and how much she loved him, her mother would not budge in her disproval, which is what made Schmidt pull out the big guns, as you might say. And by "guns," I, of course, mean his epic Bollywood dance skills.

According to Jess, Mama P is a secret romantic and has a soft spot for Bollywood performances. So naturally, you would think seeing the likes of the oh-so charming Max Greenfield (who was later accompanied by Jake Johnson) out on the dance floor would be enough to sway her over to Team Schmece. But alas, there was no move neither Schmidt nor Nick could bust that would melt this ice queen's heart. When confronted afterwards by the entire gang, she still refused to approve of their marriage.

Don't worry, though, my friends. Cece made it abundantly clear that she plans on going through with the wedding with or without her mother's consent, not just because she loves Schmidt, but also because she's already received the most important approvals of all — those from her friends. Their love and support are the only things Schmidt and Cece need to get their happily ever after. And as for the rest of us — well we have this fantastic dance sequence that I will forever cherish. Oh yeah, it's gonna be a great season.

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Image: Erica Parise/FOX; Giphy