6 Perks Of Being A Redhead For #KissAGingerDay

So, yeah, it's International Kiss A Ginger Day, or #KissAGingerDay for short. And no, I probably don't want to be kissed by you, especially if you have not asked for my consent first. As a ginger myself, though, I like the idea of a day celebrating my hair color; so instead of kissing, here are some perks to being a redhead, so that you can admire from afar. No touching, though. This hair took a lot of work.

I've always been curious about what it is with redheads that gets us so much attention. Like, not decidedly good attention or decidedly bad attention, just... attention. Maybe it's because genetically, natural redheads are kind of mutants — MC1R, the gene that causes red hair, is both recessive and a mutation. So. We're rare mutants. We make up about about two percent of the population. Honestly, I can't wait to see what my X-Men character will be called. Just kidding — I already have a name picked out: Peachy Mean. It can double as my roller derby name, too. I know, I know, it's amazing.

Or maybe it's because red hair is just physically very striking. You can spot us pretty much anywhere. And while growing up with a giant, orange spotlight trained on you is not an ideal situation, it's kind of fun now that I'm a grown-ass woman. Here are six unexpected upsides to having red hair.

1. Your Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great grandma May Have Been a Witch

Or, like, accused of being a witch. Or a vampire! Redheads really freaked people out in medieval Europe, apparently. Still very cool, though. I wish I was a witch. Or a vampire.

2. We Produce Our Own Vitamin D

As someone who came out of the womb wearing SPF 100, it's nice to know that, should I ever move back to Ireland, my body's got my back. Evolutionarily, it's kind of a genius move: A lot of redheads are extremely pale and can't be out in the sun for long periods of time, so our bodies adapted to existing long-term in rainy, gray environments by producing Vitamin D "in house." Yas kween!

3. We Require Higher Levels of Anesthesia

Because we're so strong and powerful! We're like those rhinos who get 20 tranquilizer darts and keep charging! You can't take us down!

Just kidding — it's because redheads have lower pain thresholds, so it's probably not a "perk" perk. But it's still interesting; also, it freaked out my doctor when I had eye surgery in fifth grade and I took, like, 20 minutes to be put under.

4. We Don't Go Grey

We just fade gracefully into blonde and then into white, apparently. Now, I've heard this in a number of places and I still don't know if I fully believe it, but I'll let you know in (hopefully) 50 years or so. I'd better wake up one day and look like an ice queen or I'm going to be so mad.

5. We Make Really Great Muses

Rosetti, Botticelli, Modigliani, Klimt, Degas — these are just a handful of famous artists who have immortalized redheads in their work. We inspire masterpieces. What can I say?

6. Oh Yeah, and People Seem to Think We Have an Extra Amount of Sex

Ha! I am proof that redheads do not have an inherently huge amount of game, but it's still entertaining that multiple studies have found a public perception towards redheaded women as "promiscuous."

Happy #KissAGingerDay, my fellow redheads! But everyone, please remember: Don't actually kiss a redhead unless they've given you the OK to do so first.

Images: Maddy Foley; Giphy (6)