This Sean Penn GIF is Terrifying

It was only recently confirmed that Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are a couple, a pairing that has brought us all nightmares. (What with Penn's history with domestic violence, the fact that Theron, with her badass-ness, deserves better, yada, yada... ) Others, particularly photographers, seem to like the two together, though, and so, on Monday, Us Weekly released details about their recent grocery shopping trip.

Apparently, the actors went out in public on a trip to Whole Foods with Theron's two-year-old son Thursday, a moment that was captured by Us Weekly. One of the photos shows Penn carrying the groceries to the car while Theron holds Jackson. Another caught Theron grabbing Penn's butt as he put the bags in the trunk. While they were in the store, a camera caught Penn making a funny face at Jackson. Everything seemed fine.

Until the third photo was turned into a GIF on Tumblr. Before you look at it, be warned. This image might haunt you. It started as an innocent picture of a man trying to entertain his girlfriend's son — and was transformed into a terrifying animated image that will (digitally) live forever.

I told you. May you someday experience sleep without nightmares of Penn and his forever-bobbing head overtaking your mind.

Image: usweekly/Tumblr