11 Reasons Why 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Is Totally Timeless

If I love anything completely and fully, it is the timeless classic The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. My hearts is forever singing, "In Weeeeeest Philadelphia born and raised," or "yo, Holmes, to Bel Air." West Philadelphia and Bel Air are the homes of my TV-loving soul. Chilling poolside with Uncle Phil and Viv or going to the mall with Hilary and Ashley are the places I long to be. If I had a nickel for every time I've done the Carlton dance, wishing that the famous namesake was doing it alongside me, I would have a bunch of nickels... along with least enough money to match the Powerball jackpot.

And why shouldn't I love The Fresh Prince and all its delightful characters? That show is timeless. Even though everybody has gotten older and Uncle Phil has sadly gone on to that great Bel Air mansion in the sky, you can still find yourself a rerun and have a ball reliving the memories. It's been 20 years, The Fresh Prince has not been on the air since 1996, but the messages and storylines still ring true even after all these years. The following are 11 reasons why The Fresh Prince will always remain fresh to death, even after all these years:

1. The Theme Song Will Always Be Catchy


Find me a person who hasn't tried to do karaoke to this song.

2. Goofy Dancing Will Always Be Funny


Through the annals of time, people will forever giggle when someone is dancing like a lame-o. And The Fresh Prince has plenty of that to go around. Which brings me to my next point...

3. This Face Will Always Make People Laugh


Will knows how to get us giggling.

4. They Predicted The Future


Will Smith knew even then that selfies would be a big hit. What other wonders did they predict? There's only one way to find out...

5. Fashion Is Cyclical


Some day, what these characters are wearing will be fashionable again. And you will again be able to watch The Fresh Prince for style tips.

6. The Love Of Family Is A Timeless Topic


No matter how many years go by, we will always appreciate the togetherness and support of the Banks family. Geez, I wish I was a cousin once removed or something along those lines so I could show up at family reunions.

7. As Is Romantic Love


What a goofy romantic, winning a lady's heart with some silly dance moves. Welcome to Swoon City, ladies and gentlemen.

9. The Older Banks Were Already Cool As Adults


So it stands to reason that they will remain cool as long as forever.

10. Staying Fresh Is Always Important


And The Fresh Prince is the perfect guide for doing just that.

11. Will Smith Is A God Among Men


Will Smith will always be awesome. Nothing can ever change that. His fan club will raise their flag for centuries to come.

That's right guys, it will never not be fun to sit on your couch and have a Fresh Prince marathon. In fact, whatever you're doing right now is probably not as great as watching The Fresh Prince so I suggest stopping right now and proceeding to the closest television set or laptop. It will be good for you.

Images: Warner Bros. Television, Giphy (11)