Courteney Cox Is Coming Back To The Small Screen & This Could Be Her Biggest Role Since 'Friends'

If you thought that Friends was the highlight Courteney Cox’s acting career, then big news — it looks like she might be getting another comedic role to rival it. It was announced on Tuesday that the Friends alum is developing a comedy for Fox that centers around a woman who inherits her husband’s billion-dollar fortune. Hailey, who will be played by Cox, becomes determined to use the money and her influence to make a difference in the world. What she finds, however, is that enacting any real change is way less glamorous than it might seem in her head. The show, which is still untitled, sounds like a fancier version of Parks and Recreation to me — and the fact that it’s being written Robert Padnick, who is famous for writing many episodes of The Office, is a huge part of what’s making me think that this show is going to be amazing.

I just have a feeling that this show is going to be huge. Perhaps I’m projecting too much of what I already know and love about Robert Padnick’s writing onto this still-unnamed project, but if the show is anything like The Office, I know it'll be great. I can just see Cox as the lead in a television show that — much like the many famous docu-comedy shows that came before it — rely on documentary angles, bits of interview, and plenty of breaking the fourth wall. Like Parks and Recreation meets The Comeback. A well-meaning, good-intentioned woman with all of the character flaws that come from living a life or privilege and wealth.


Cue the awkward moments assuming people need help who don’t and all of the embarrassed looks at the camera.

Can’t you just picture it? I definitely can, and what I am picturing is bound to be great. Of course, we’ll have to see if this is the creative path that the show’s writer and director take, but I am hoping that, whatever the style of shooting, this role is huge for Cox. I need her in my life on the regular again. It’s been way too long.

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