How To Copy Kendall Jenner’s Messy Ponytail

There is nothing more girly, playful, and fun than a messy high ponytail. Luckily, the "I woke up like this" trend isn't going anywhere, so we all can rock messy updos. On Tuesday, the supermodel posted a Boomerang video of herself on Instagram adjusting her sunglasses in the mirror, and yup, you guessed it — she was rocking the adorable 'do. Here's how to copy Kendall Jenner's messy ponytail in just a few easy steps, because I know you're wondering how she does it.

On Instagram, Kendall was shown cruising with the top down and sunglasses on, looking beautiful, almost as if she had just stepped out of an '80s rock ballad video. She captioned the image with the sunglasses smiley face emoji, proving that this look is ultra cool. Naturally, I had to figure out how to steal her look for myself.

A pony, even an adorably messy one, is perfect for almost every occasion. It's feminine for a date, functional for the office, and a total go-to when you wake up late (or worse, hungover). An added bonus is that you don't need freshly washed hair, a ton of products and tools, or a lot of time to accomplish a pretty hairstyle. All you need is an elastic, a few days without washing, dry shampoo, and a teasing comb.

Here's how to get an adorable messy ponytail.

1. Start With Dirty Hair

Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron, $40, Amazon

Your hair will be more voluminous and have better grip when it's a couple days dirty. If you don't have enough wave without washing, use a curling iron to create subtle waves in the lowest three inches of your strands.

2. Use Dry Shampoo for Volume

Batiste Dry Shampoo, $8, Amazon

If you don't have the volume you want, use a powder-based dry shampoo to add additional oomph to your roots.

3. Tease It Up

Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush, $5, Amazon

Tease the hair at the crown of your head to help create an extra high pony.

4. Secure

Vidal Sassoon No Crimp Braid Elastics, $2, Ulta

Gather your hair into a knot at the very top of your crown. Grab a one inch strand and wrap it around the pony to hide the elastic.

5. Texturize

Macadamia Professional Texturizing Salt Spray, $25, Amazon

Spray a texturizing spray onto the length of your hair and shake to give it a messy vibe.

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Image: Courtesy of Brands