Yolanda Foster Officially Files For Divorce

It has happened, ladies and gentlemen. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars David and Yolanda Foster are officially divorcing, because according to Us Weekly Yolanda Foster herself officially filed for divorce on Jan. 11. There were rumblings about the couple separating as early as December, but both camps seemed to getting along and still supporting each other emotionally, so I personally hoped they might patch things up, even though Yolanda reportedly moved into a new condo in West LA. However, it was not to be — and now, it seems the former supermodel and her husband have officially parted ways. Despite this ending to their relationship, though, the former couple still continues to defend and support each other, which is something we can hope for in all families going through a divorce.

Though it must be difficult for the parents, how are the ex-Mrs. Foster's children from a previous marriage to Mohamed Hadid, Anwar, Bella, and Gigi, handling the end of the nine-year marriage — a union that has existed for up to almost half of their lives? Though the kids haven't made any sort of statement, it seems they stand behind their mother and her decision, joining her on a ski trip before the divorce was finalized. Gigi Hadid's only statement on the day of the divorce (which also happens to be her mother's birthday) was this:

So yes, maybe this is tough, but the Foster-Hadids know that family is tougher. Foster stated in her blog for Bravo:

In the meantime I continue to stay focused on my children. Having made great strides in the past six months, I remain hopeful and determined for a healthy future with love, light, and gratitude in my heart, because I am beyond blessed after all...

There it is. The divorce is final, the family unit is different, but still they remain, together and blessed. This is a great model for any family going through a similar issue.