What Did The Liars Do To Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Her Return Means Their Secret Probably Isn't Safe

She's back, PLL fans. I'm sure you were hoping you'd seen the last of Shower Harvey when Emily punched her in the face back in the Season 6a finale — but on Tuesday night's Season 6B premiere, Sara Harvey returned in Pretty Little Liars' Season 6B premiere. And, in true PLL fashion, the Liars are carrying a secret about what they "did to her" in Season 6B. Emily mentioned Sara early in the premiere, but she didn't turn up until after Charlotte was killed on PLL — yes, Season 6B already killed off a major character. When Sara walked into the funeral (wearing a black veil — nice, I. Marlene King) she looked as if she was being escorted because she couldn't walk into the church on her own. So, what did the Liars do to Sara Harvey on PLL ? Update: Janel Parrish tweeted what may be the answer to this big mystery, saying that Sara was electrocuted by the bomb at Radley seen in the Season 6A finale.

Sure, she'd really messed with them while Charlotte was playing Big A, but did they really go out of their way to get revenge on Sara? (Unless they forced her to pay the Fields' water bill.) It seems like — from the way the Liars mentioned it — that whatever they "did" to Sara is exactly like "The Jenna Thing." But it's also entirely possible that Emily punching her in the face and the girls leaving her behind in Radley with Charlotte's bomb is what they're talking about. I mean, she seems to still be in one piece, so Spencer probably did effectively diffuse that bomb — so what could they possibly have done that could be that bad that they'd consider having to tell someone?

Pretty Little Liars is clearly back to its same, old tricks. Did the Liars not learn anything from the past six seasons? If Sara Harvey's back in town, they're going to have to pay for whatever they did. And it probably won't be pretty.

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Image: Freeform