Who Is Jillian Bell From 'Idiotsitter'? She's Definitely Made You Laugh Before

Comedy Central is adding two new funny ladies to its roster with the brand new series Idiotsitter . Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse star in the new comedy about an overeducated Billie (Newhouse) who begrudgingly accepts a job as a sitter/24-hour supervisor for adult nuisance, Gene (Bell). This is a big role for Bell, who has starred in many hilarious projects in the past, as she and Newhouse created the series in addition to starring in the lead roles. There's no doubt that Idiotsitter is going to be hilarious because Bell's past projects have perfectly prepared her for her leading role in the series. (Just watch one video of Bell and you'll be convinced.)

If you're familiar with Comedy Central's line-up, then you're probably familiar with the actress and writer. Bell has been involved in some of the biggest comedy hits over the last few years, which have no doubt prepared her for her new role. Up until now, Bell has held many supporting character roles, but that's about to change when Idiotsitter premieres on Jan. 14. So what else do you know Bell from? Here are Bell's standout roles that make her the best person for a brand new comedy series.


Bell has played Jillian Belk on Workaholics since the very beginning of the series. Jillian Belk is the awkward, but well-meaning assistant in the same office that Ders, Blake, and Adam work in.

22 Jump Street

Personally, I thought that Bell was the best character in sequel film 22 Jump Street, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Not only did she get to flex her acting chops as the villain in the film, but her one-liners insulting Hill's character were some of the best lines in the film.

The Night Before

Bell got to work alongside some of the funniest people in the industry as Seth Rogen's wife in The Night Before.

Saturday Night Live

Bell also worked on Saturday Night Live as a writer for one season starting in 2009.

Eastbound & Down

Bell also acted in the star-studded sports comedy Eastbound & Down during Season 4 as Dixie.

Clearly, Bell is going to make Idiotsitter a stand-out series this year. There's no doubt that her past jobs have led her to make the web-series turned TV series a huge hit.

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