'Chuck's Captain Awesome Is #SnugglingGoals

Now that winter has finally arrived my two favorite activities are staying inside and cuddling because winter is terrible. It's cold and I have to wear tights. This is my nightmare, people. While I'm forcing my cats to snuggle against their will, I cannot help but think about who would be the most snuggly fictional character, and the only acceptable answer to that question I've found is Chuck 's Devon "Awesome" Woodcomb. Think about it: his name is Awesome, he is a beautiful doctor with a big heart, he loves babies, Ellie, and basically everything on the planet. He's also committed to excelling at everything. There's no way anyone could out snuggle Awesome, not even Chuck himself.

I know saying anyone is more snuggly than Chuck Bartowski, human puppy and super spy, is akin to blasphemy, but think about how unflappable Awesome is. Think about how he spent the entire series being there for people and even went on spy missions as a civilian to help his brother-in-law out. He was a rock for Ellie, and kind to Jeff and Lester, and did you see him with baby Clara? If you aren't convinced yet, then allow me to sway you with these 11 reasons why Awesome is Chuck's most snuggly character.

1. Those Arms Though

I have to start out with the obvious. Awesome's arms are amazing. They are long enough to sandwich three people in one hug, and strong enough to do a whole array of extreme sports. Those are the arms of a champion snuggler.

2. He's The Most Positive Person Ever

Awesome believed in Chuck no matter what, he encouraged Ellie to follow her career goals, and there were precious few situations he wouldn't label "awesome." His positive attitude just enhances my desire to snuggle with him.

3. He's Comfortable With Himself

Awesome is totally secure and he shows it in the way he freely gives hugs and teaches Chuck how to tango.

4. He Adores Baby Clara

Adding a baby to the world of Awesome only highlighted what a champ Awesome was. He and Clara were a team of cuteness, and if seeing him holding a tiny baby doesn't make you believe in Awesome's snuggle credentials, I don't know what will.

5. He Makes Everyone Feel Safe

On a show where John Casey and Sarah Walker exist, Awesome still manages to make his friends and family feel safe. His calm and reassuring nature is like a constant hug for your feelings.

6. He Is The Ultimate Romantic

Chuck gives Awesome some serious competition in the romance department, but Awesome perfected the art of everyday romance. Who needs grand gestures when there is someone standing in front of you promising with the utmost sincerity that he will never leave and you are the most amazing person in the world? Because Awesome did those things for Ellie. Feeling snuggly yet?

7. He Is Super Wise

Awesome is so much more than a pretty face. He gives amazing advice. Whether he is counseling Chuck on not giving up on Sarah, or pushing Morgan to be his best possible self, Awesome is always there with the words of wisdom you wouldn't mind hearing whispered in your ear during a cuddle section.

8. He Is Always Affectionate

High fives, hugs, kisses, and words of support just come naturally for Awesome.

9. His Face Melts Hearts

Bam. You heart is now goo.

10. He Is A Giver

The snuggliest people are natural givers. Awesome takes on the role of Chuck's spy secret keeper, he lends Morgan money to help him get his own place, and he gives Ellie security. Awesome puts everyone else in his life first and it makes me want to give him a bear hug.

11. He Could Keep You Warm

In so many different ways...

I rest my case. When it comes to snuggling, Captain Awesome is king.

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