Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin's Wedding Photos Show The 'RHOBH' Stars' Deep Connection

We hardly get to see Lisa Rinna's husband, Harry Hamlin, on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but his presence is definitely felt. Case in point, Kim Richards threatening to reveal information about the actor gave way to the instantly iconic phrase, "What did Harry do?" Rinna getting instantly defensive of her man no matter what shows that the two have a really close bond, even if he elects to shy away from the reality TV cameras. Although Rinna is only in her second season as a Real Housewife and her husband only makes cameo appearances on the show, they have managed to become a mainstay reality TV couple — and celeb couples in general, really, since they were both famous actors pre-Housewives.

They have a very strong union and they solidified the strength of their bond when they got married back in 1997. If you look at photos of Rinna and Hamlin's wedding, it is very clear that they have always been a couple who is head over heels in love.

Just check out one Throwback Thursday photo and prepare to be envious of the strong love between these two. Their connection is palpable and the other aspects of their wedding fade away. Rinna and Hamlin are the real deal — they have always been and always will be. Get ready to swoon over these wedding day photos because you're not gonna catch this much PDA on RHOBH.

Enjoying The Rehearsal Dinner

Sure, this is not a photo of the actual wedding, but everyone knows that the rehearsal diner is an important part of the milestone.

Cutting The Wedding Cake

Rinna looked pretty focused on getting that cake, but Hamlin only had eyes for her.

Kissing On The Big Day

In this picture of a picture, it is clear that bride and groom were madly in love.

Posing For A Close-Up

The newly married couple were looking like a pair of models in this close-up photo.

Enjoying Their First Dance

Once again, these two only have eyes for each other and looked super adorable during their first dance as husband and wife.

Showing Off The Veil

Rinna showed off the back of her wedding dress and gave us all a peak at her beautiful veil.

Laughing After The Vows

Have you ever seen a happier couple? The two were all smiles during their wedding day.

Getting Some Private Time

The bride and groom were taking a little break from being on their feet in this photo. What a good looking couple.

Gazing Into Each Other's Eyes

I've never seen a couple enjoying their wedding day this much. One again, Rinna and Hamlin are the cutest couple on the planet.

Getting Close On The Dance Floor

The new Mr. & Mrs. loved their first dance as a married couple.

Smiling For The Cameras

Once again, these two could not look happier. They are really epitomizing all of the #WeddingGoals, if only there were hashtags back in the day.

We may not see a ton of Harry Hamlin on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but if these wedding pictures are any indication then there's nothing to worry about. Rinna and Hamlin have always been and always will be head over heels in love.